Different Types of Kitchen Sinks for Modern Homes

May 13, 2024

Don’t we all look at our kitchen sink as more of a utilitarian and preach about how amazingly they support our kitchen chores? If we haven’t upgraded our kitchen sink in years, it’s likely that we do not know about the design impact and several configurations of kitchen sinks that are widely used today.  Different types of kitchen sinks play a critical role in setting up the overall look and feel of our kitchens. They come in different materials and styles with several configurations - a few options to name are stainless steel, cast iron, fireclay, under-mount, drop-in, apron front, and corner sinks.

Here is a list of things you should keep in mind while choosing your kitchen sink.

Material Choose a material that matches your style and is durable like stainless steel, porcelain, or granite composite.
Size and Configuration Pick a size and layout that suits your kitchen's needs, whether it's single or double-bowl.
Mounting Style Decide on the mounting style—undermount, drop-in, or farmhouse—that fits your design preferences.
Functionality Look for added features like built-in accessories and soundproofing to enhance usability.
Budget and Maintenance Set a budget considering both the sink cost and installation expenses, and factor in maintenance requirements for long-term upkeep.

Are you worried about what to take into consideration while planning to upgrade your kitchen sink? Don’t worry, we’re here to clear that for you. Your cooking habits, lifestyle, and the number of members in your household are the main aspects you should consider before anything else. For instance, if you enjoy cooking regularly for a group of people, an oversized double-bowl sink made of fireclay or durable cast iron will be a great choice as it can hold many dirty dishes. If you have a small kitchen a stainless steel sink would do the trick as it lets you keep dirty dishes without crowding the countertop. If you’re planning to build a farmhouse kitchen, a porcelain apron sink would be a great choice. 

As we discussed, there are so many options to choose from, so it can be tough to know where to start with. Not to worry, we got you covered by narrowing down your search for the perfect kitchen sink. 

Here’s our curated list of the most common types of kitchen sinks for modern homes that are available in the market.

Popular Types of Kitchen Sinks for Homes

Drop-in Kitchen Sink 

Drop-in sinks are the most common types of kitchen sinks and they are the easiest to install. This type of sink can work with any counter type no matter what weight the sink has. In the case of a drop-in sink, the basin sits on the countertop and you can see its rim. Drop-in kitchen sinks come in several materials and configurations, which include stainless steel, double sink and composite sinks. They also come with integrated features on them, but they have the limitation of taking up a lot of counter space in a way that leads food to get caught up on the lips of the sinks.

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount kitchen sinks impart a seamless look to the countertop as the edges of the sink are concealed by the countertop. This makes them a clear choice as they eliminate more chances for food crumbs and debris to get into the rims. Wiping dirt and grime gets easier when you have an under-mount kitchen at home. The drawback of such types of sinks is that they are held by clips and fasteners attached to the lower side of the countertop, so installation of heavy sinks becomes a bit challenging.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 

It is one of the well-liked choices of most people among different types of kitchen sinks because of its simple look, weight and ease of installation. They impart a smooth professional quality to your kitchen, and they are available in a variety of thicknesses. Contrary to the popular belief, sinks with a thicker gauge are heavier and cheaper when compared to thinner gauges that are lighter and costlier.

What you should keep in mind is that stainless steel sinks are more susceptible to dents. They also tend to make loud noises when we put anything into them using a heavy hand even though several manufacturers assimilate sound-absorbing materials into the product. They have the advantage of being heat and stain-resistant, but they tend to develop water spots if you don’t clean and dry them regularly. 

Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Fireclay sinks have a slight resemblance to cast iron enamel. However, they come with a protective coating baked onto the molded clay base. This makes them much more resistant to dents, stains, and scratches. The good news is that you can use abrasive cleaners to clean them quickly without having to prepare homemade cleaners. Fireclay sinks are costlier when compared to sinks made out of porcelain and cast iron because of the heavy-duty construction. It is also important that you install fireclay sinks properly as the wrong installation will result in the formation of chips and cracks around their drain.

Copper Kitchen Sink

Have you ever noticed the beauty of culinary staples flaunting over a copper kitchen sink? It is full of warmth and elegance, right? A copper sink is a great choice if you wish to enhance the look of a neutral cook space; they also have a natural antibacterial property. However, copper sinks tend to develop a patina over time and this will change their finish.

They are not suitable for kitchens that are always busy as thin copper is likely to dent and scratch easily. Also, exposure to acidic food items will cause the patina to change its colour. It is up to you to see whether you’ll like the changing tone of the sink.

Marble Kitchen Sink 

A custom marble sink is for people who wish to spend on a lasting statement-piece for their kitchen. Marble sinks are prone to chips and scratches when compared to other types of sinks. You will also have to be careful while cleaning marble sinks- you are advised to use specific cleaning products only.

A marble sink won’t be the right choice if you prefer a low-maintenance kitchen sink.

Solid Surface Kitchen Sink

This type of kitchen sink is made of the same material used for making solid surface countertops; they are called synthetic sheets. This material is set up after combining polyester or an acrylic resin with a mineral compound. They are widely available in the market in different colours and offer a smooth transition from your countertop to sinks. You can also construct a coordinating drainboard with it.

You can sand out scratches from a solid surface sink easily, but there is a limitation - you can’t place hot containers or dishes inside the sink.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Cast iron sinks are known for their sleek finish and they get this from sprayed porcelain coating. They are heavy and durable sinks; you can avail them in different colour variations and they make great choices for farmhouse kitchens. Do not use abrasive cleaners on them as it can damage the enamel coating on the iron, thereby making way for rust. You should also be cautious while washing dishes as the hardness of the cast iron sink can damage your dishware.

Corner Kitchen Sink

For smaller kitchens, you can install corner sinks with double basins on the corner of your kitchen counter. Although not common, it helps in maximising the counter space in the kitchen by making use of a less-used corner. The limitation of such sinks is that they are expensive to install as the installation would demand many custom cuts.

Kitchen Sinks With Integrated Workstation 

Integrated kitchen sinks make food prep and clean-up easy. They might mostly include a colander, a cutting board, and a strainer. You can install additional sink accessories such as a built-in soap dispenser for easy access to dish soap while rinsing and cleaning. Kitchen sinks with integrated workstations are amazing for kitchens that don’t have enough counter space.

Wondering How to Install the Perfect Kitchen Sink at Your Home?

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