Tips to Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner in Good Condition at Home

March 7, 2024

A vacuum cleaner is a device that works hard to keep our homes tidy, and taking proper care of it will benefit us all. It is a good investment in our homes and making sure that it gets good care is the ultimate way to protect it. There are several things you should do to make sure that your vacuum cleaner works for many years, as it should. We have come up with a line-up of some vacuum cleaner maintenance tips for you to make it all easy, and it goes like this.

Replace Vacuum Bags Regularly  

Replacing your vacuum cleaner's bag is one of the easiest and quickest things you can do to maintain your vacuum cleaner in good condition. Many people use a vacuum cleaner with the misconception that they need to empty vacuum bags only when they are full. Replace the bags when it is about ⅔ full for the cleaner to work at its best. Debris such as our hair and pet dander needs space to enter the vacuum bag, so having a full amount of dirt inside the vacuum bag will make it difficult for the vacuum to work efficiently.  

You can identify when the vacuum bag gets close to full. You will find debris in areas that you already vacuumed and this happens when the dirt escapes from the vacuum bag. Another evident sign is when you feel that your vacuum cleaner’s suction is not working strong as it used to before. If you feel overwhelmed checking it all the time, you can opt to buy a bagless vacuum that comes with a canister. You can look into the canister and see how full it is, making it easier to avoid confusion.  

Attach the Vacuum Bag Properly Every Time

Several models of vacuum cleaners are introduced to us often by different brands, and it could get confusing for some of us to attach the bag with each model, especially for people who do it for the first time. The method to attach the bag will vary from one model to another, but one rule is always the same for every vacuum, so ensure that the opening of the vacuum bag is correctly on the nozzle. You need to look for clips, holders or hooks to attach it in place firmly if there are any.  

You will notice that the debris does not get into the bag as it should and see that it goes into the vacuum cleaner. It could interrupt the other parts of the cleaner doing its job, thereby damaging it in the longer run. It is also impossible to clean it once this happens. You will also have to buy the right bag that suits your cleaner by checking the reference number on your machine and checking it with the number on the bag. Stocking up on your vacuum cleaner model’s bag is also a good idea as you would never know when the manufacturer might stop making bags for your model, with new models coming into the market every year.  

Keep a Check on Brush Roll  

You should check the brush roll of your vacuum cleaner as things like hair and strings can get wrapped around over time while vacuuming. It can prevent the cleaner from spinning well, so take the roll out and clean the debris. The roller of most cleaners will be attached by a plate, and hence you will have to remove the plate initially to slide the roll out. You can clear the debris using scissors and pull it gently from the roll until it comes out.

You can also remove the debris when the roll is in its place inside the vacuum if you are not confident about being able to keep it back.  

Empty Bagless Vacuums Often  

Emptying dust and debris from bagless vacuum cleaners often is crucial to avoid any chance of dirt settling inside the unit. Bagless vacuum cleaners usually come with a marker that indicates when to empty them. It is good to empty the vacuum even when you do not reach the point marked. You may also clean the filter attached by gently knocking it against the garbage to clear all the trapped dirt and debris. Remove the dirt from the slabs of the filter using something that is not too sharp. You don't need to clean the filter to the last bit, do it as much as you can to make sure that it works smoothly. Certain vacuum cleaners also come with filters that you can wash safely.  

Check Your Vacuum Cleaner’s Belt  

Check the belt that keeps the roll in place - whether it is tight against the roll. Make sure that the belt has not become damaged in any spots or has slid out of place, and replace the belt once every six months. The number to replace it is not fixed, and hence you can change it depending on the frequency of your use. Replacing the belt is easy - you can remove the roll and slide the belt off to slide the new belt inside. In case of any confusion, you can always check the user’s manual to see if there are step-by-step instructions to change the belt.

Check the Filters and Hoses of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Most vacuum cleaners come with filters attached that help picks up dust and other particles that might contaminate the air in your room. You can remove the filter of your filter if that is easy, and rinse it off if it is made of plastic. In the case of paper and fabric filters, you will have to shake them to remove the collected particles. You should keep the filter of your vacuum cleaner regardless of the type. You should do it without fail too, especially if you have a HEPA filter.