Smart Tips on Buying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

December 14, 2021

Though no agricultural produce can be called bad produce, it is important to pick good ones when it comes to selecting fresh vegetables and fruits for cooking. Smart shopping strategies will help you save money and make the fruits and veggies you shop last for a longer time. Listed below are a few tips on buying fresh fruits and vegetables endorsed - what you should do and what to avoid- by experts will be the game-changer for you.

Tips on Buying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Go for In-Season

Buying in-season agricultural produce is always one of the easiest ways to stick to shopping within your food budget. This strategy also helps you to eat fruits and vegetables that are fresh at the moment. In-season fruits and vegetables would have a high nutrient value when compared to the other, and the carbon footprint would be much less for them.

Do Not Think Fresh is Always the Best

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a great choice, and one can always stick to it if they are available. In other cases, opting to buy frozen fruits can be an alternative. Fresh fruits get rapidly frozen to preserve their nutrients as fresh, so you also needn’t have to worry about their spoilage before having the time to finish them. Frozen fruits of some varieties such as cherries are likely to be more affordable than the fresh versions. Pre-cut frozen fruits mangoes and pineapples are great choices for smoothies as they add a rich shake-like texture to smoothies and shakes. They also will cut down on preparation and waste time as they are pre-cut.

Purchase from Farmers’ Markets

Most of us would be familiar and comfortable doing shopping at the supermarket produce sections every time. While it could be a convenient choice, a visit to farmers’ markets is certainly worth it as purchases from such markets can be more pocket-friendly. It is even more amazing to see the passion of farmers and to support local businesses. On top of all these, you will have the minimum guarantee that the produce from farmers’ markets are harvested recently when compared to the ones you find at supermarkets. Singapore has some popular farmers’ markets we recommend you visit.

Avoid Planning in Advance and Purchasing Too Much

We all often tend to hang on to planning to save money and meal preparations. But it is also important to keep in mind that one can only plan for a few days if we wish to prepare something with fresh vegetables and fruits. You cannot expect fruits and veggies to remain fresh for over a week from the date of purchase, unlike cereals. You can consider going to farmers’ markets often to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for your needs.

Reach to the Back of the Pack

People usually tend to pick what is in front of the grocery store. But never do this. The supermarket staff place the older produce in front and the newer behind it. Always take time while you pick fruits and veggies. Pick the ones from behind for more nutritious finds.

You Don’t Have to Pick Organic All the Time

You can buy conventionally grown fruits and veggies if they have a thick peel that you are not going to eat such as a banana or watermelon. There is no point in choosing organic in such cases. But you can always choose to buy organic fruits and veggies that have a lot of crevices and the ones you are going to eat with their skin.

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