The Ultimate Checklist for Throwing an Amazing Party for Your Child

October 23, 2018

Planning a party has never been easy. In Singapore, some parents fork out 5 figures sum to give their children a once in a lifetime experience. After all, the child is that age only once in their lifetime. However, it need not be that way! You can plan your child’s party on your own and it is easier than what you think!

Don’t worry

We often want our guests to have the best experiences and often stress ourselves out in the process. Don’t. Doing so takes the enjoyment out of the process of planning, which can be shown through the little details of the party.

Let your inner child speak

It has been a long while since we were kids but the child within us has always been there. Setting a theme for your child’s birthday party is fun. Take note of your child’s favourite cartoons or interests and fix a theme around it. If they are 4 and above, it might be good to engage their input in the planning process. After that, let the child in you out – allow your imagination to run free as you plan the magical day for your child. Connecting with your child through this process is a good bonding activity and can be a good way of instilling good financial stewardship habits in them.

Send the invites and organise the RSVPs

When you are done with deciding the theme of the party, create the invitation cards. It is preferable to organise the RSVP list 3 weeks before the event. This is to buffer enough time for you to make changes to cater to your guests’ needs. Nothing gets better than happy guests leaving your party – after all, you want the party to be a memorable day for both your child and your guests.

Settle the menu

After you have the RSVP list and the list of dietary needs, decide on which cuisine you will like to have. For those who feel stressed to cook for a huge crowd but are not down to cater food, you can use apps like Sendhelper to find cooks for hire. Affordable and fuss free, you can choose a private chef for hire with just a few swipes. Whether it’s a BBQ chef you need or a chef who specialises in the cuisine that you want to hire, the platform eases the process of looking for a chef to hire.

DIY décor

Start small by visualising how you would like the room to look like. Purchase your party supplies from a local supply store. While balloons may make a great décor, rubber balloons are usually not children friendly.  This is because children may not have control over their own strength and may burst the balloon. When this happens, the noise of a balloon bursting will trigger a child into tears. This may in turn result in a chain response of tears which is exactly what you will want to avoid. When you set up the décor, always find helpers to be at the party. Doing the décor with a group of party helpers not only relieves you of your stress, having a team also helps you to vet through for potential safety hazards.

Have fun at the party

The party may be for your child but who says adults can’t have fun too? When you enjoy little moments with your young ones and create good memories with them, they too learn how to have fun . It is through fun which your children can know you in another light . These memories influence them consciously and subconsciously. So go ahead, show them that mommy and daddy can have fun and will have fun with them!

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