Finding the Best Part-Time Maid in Singapore: A Complete Guide

June 17, 2023

Picture this: you have a bustling household with a million things on your plate. Juggling work, family, and personal pursuits can leave you with little time to breathe, let alone clean. But fear not! Having a part time maid in Singapore can be a meaningful change. It not only frees up precious hours in our day but also allows us to focus on the things that matter most to us.  

We understand that finding the perfect professional part-time cleaner can be a challenge. That is where we come in. In this article, we are going to take you on a journey and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to find the ideal part-time maid in Singapore. So, without further fuss, let us dive right in and discover the secrets to a sparkling-clean home!  


Why Hire a Part-Time Maid in Singapore?  

There are many benefits to entrusting the cleaning work at your home with a part time maid in Singapore. What are those benefits?  


More Time, Less Hassle  

The biggest benefit of having a part time maid in Singapore is the precious time it frees up in our schedule. We know that our island city is famous for its fast-paced lifestyle, and cleaning might seem like an impossible task between our career, family, and social life. But there is always a way to get things done, right? We can focus on what matters to us by entrusting the work with a part time maid in Singapore- whether it is excelling in our profession, enjoying family outings, or unwinding at a local hawker centre.  


Professional Cleaning Standards 

The cleaning industry in Singapore has come a long way by offering more professional, reliable, and efficient services than ever before. When you hire a part-time cleaner through a trusted platform, you can rest assured that you will get a well-trained, diligent professional who meets the highest industry standards.  


At Sendhelper, we have a team equipped with the right skills. We always deliver a level of cleanliness that is hard to achieve on your own. If you are already looking for a trusted cleaning service brand in Singapore to be your cleaning partner, we want to let you know that we, at Sendhelper, will cover everything for you!  


A Hygienic Living Environment  

Keeping a clean, germ-free home has never been more crucial, especially considering recent health crises. Regular cleaning by a part time maid in Singapore helps reduce the risk of bacteria, germs, and allergens, creating a healthier environment for us and our loved ones. It is not about dusting and vacuuming- expert cleaners pay attention to often-overlooked areas like door handles and light switches, which can be hotspots for germs.  


Flexibility and Customisability  

The beauty of hiring a part time maid in Singapore lies in the flexibility it offers. You can choose a cleaning schedule that suits your lifestyle- weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly- and customise the tasks you want to be done. This sort of adaptability of a part time maid service in Singapore ensures your specific cleaning needs are met without disrupting your daily routine.  


Saves Money 

Do you know that hiring a part time maid can save you money. We did a comparative study of the cost of hiring a part-time maid versus employing a full-time maid in Singapore. Our analysis says that you can save up to $10,000 annually.  


Less Stress  

This is a story we all know- coming home to a messy house after a long, exhausting day can skyrocket our stress levels. On the other hand, stepping into a clean and well-organised home has a calming effect, reducing stress and improving our mental well-being.  


Surprise Visits? No Problem!  

Say goodbye to frantic cleaning sessions before unexpected visits from relatives or friends. With the right part time cleaner in Singapore and a regular cleaning schedule in place, your home will be guest-ready always.  


Hiring a part-time maid brings an array of benefits, from maintaining a clean and hygienic home to enjoying a more balanced and stress-free lifestyle.


What is Included in Part-Time Cleaning Services in Singapore?  


Let us dive deeper into the types of part-time cleaning services available in Singapore and explore how they can add a touch of cleanliness and freshness to your homes.  


Regular House Cleaning

A clean home is a cheerful home. Regular house cleaning service by a part time maid in Singapore ensures that your home is always welcoming and pleasant. On the other hand, services from trusted cleaning brands encompass routine cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and bathroom cleaning. You can opt for daily, weekly, or fortnightly services based on our preference and schedule. This service is a boon for busy families, helping maintain everyday cleanliness and hygiene while allowing more time for relaxation and bonding.  


Ironing Services

We all know that ironing is a time-consuming that many of us would gladly avoid. Thanks to part-time ironing services you can now offload these tasks and enjoy more free time!  


Event Cleaning

Organising an event, be it a corporate gathering, a private party, or a wedding, involves many responsibilities. Dealing with the post-event mess can be a significant challenge. Event cleaning services or a part time maid in Singapore can take care of the cleanup after your event, leaving the venue as clean and pristine as it was before your event.  


How to Find a Reliable Part-Time Cleaning Agency?  


Now, you might be wondering about how to choose the right part-time cleaning service in Singapore. Worry not! we will tell you everything without bias so you can take an informed decision. It is a good thing to see Singaporeans taking safety, trust, and quality of service into consideration, every time they need to outsource a task.  


Here is what you need to look for while choosing a trustworthy part-time cleaning agency:  


Consider the reliability and reputation of the cleaning service provider  

Always check for customer reviews and ratings on the website, mobile apps, or on their social media pages. Look for companies that provide professionally cleaners and use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This not only ensures a high-quality service but also contributes to sustainability.  


Identify your specific cleaning needs

You might need more frequent cleaning especially with kids or pets at home. Flexibility to schedule cleaning at your convenience is also a critical factor you need to consider while hiring a part-time cleaning service company.  


Consider the cost factor

While it is always tempting to go for the cheapest service, remember that the cost often reflects the quality of the service. Consider the range of services offered, the quality of work, and the price before deciding.  


Not all cleaning companies in Singapore are created equal, so it is essential to do some homework before choosing one. Look for agencies with helpful reviews and check for accreditation and recognitions. We must also ensure the company is transparent about costs and has robust hiring practices. At Sendhelper, our pricing policies are transparent. We do not charge you anything extra nor do we charge you additionally for booking on weekends. There is no part-time maid agent fee when you hire an ad hoc part-time maid through Sendhelper.


What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring a Part-Time Cleaner?  


Finding the right part time cleaner in Singapore can make a world of difference in your quest for a clean, organised space. We can find a cleaner who not only fulfils our cleaning needs but also offers a professional, reliable service if we do not miss asking some essential questions. Let us take the first step, delve into some crucial questions we should pose when hiring a part time cleaner in Singapore.  


1. What cleaning services do you offer?  

Understanding the scope of services offered by the prospective cleaner is vital before we think of anything else. It is essential to ensure that their services align with your specific needs.


2. Are you trained and experienced?  

Professional training and experience are critical components that determine the quality of service you can expect from our cleaners. Trained and experienced cleaners are more adept at delivering a high-quality cleaning service and are likely to handle our belongings with care. Professional training also includes learning about several types of surfaces and the most effective and safe ways to clean them. An experienced cleaner, having dealt with different cleaning scenarios, will have a clear understanding of the best methods and techniques to use.  


3. Are you insured?  

Accidents, while not planned, can happen even with the most careful and meticulous cleaner. Ensuring that your cleaner is insured and bonded protects you from potential liabilities. This cover provides you peace of mind as any accidental damages or injuries occurring during the cleaning process will be covered. It is prudent to ask for proof of insurance to confirm this.  


4. What is your plan in case of sickness or emergencies?  

Life is unpredictable, and unforeseen circumstances can arise, causing your cleaner to miss their scheduled appointment. Therefore, it is important to know the cleaner's contingency plan for such situations. A reliable part time maid in Singapore or a cleaning company will have backup plans or provide immediate replacement to ensure that your cleaning schedule remains uninterrupted. Understanding this plan upfront can help prevent future inconveniences.  


5. How do you handle feedback and complaints?  

A cleaner's approach towards feedback and complaints reflects their professionalism. Good service providers understand that feedback, both positive and negative, is an opportunity for growth. They will have a system in place for addressing customer feedback and resolving issues promptly. This responsiveness not only improves their service quality but also enhances your satisfaction as a customer.  


6. Can you provide references?  

References can provide valuable insights into the cleaner's work ethic, professionalism, and reliability. Positive testimonials from past or current clients can increase our confidence in the cleaner's service. Asking for references also allows us to understand the cleaner's strengths and areas of expertise better, helping us make an informed decision.  


7. How do you charge for your services?  

Understanding the cleaner's pricing structure is crucial to avoid any unwelcome surprises when the bill arrives. Some cleaners charge on an hourly basis, while others may offer flat rates based on the services. Make sure to clarify if there are any additional costs for specific tasks or supplies. Also, it is always a clever idea to compare rates with other service providers to ensure you get value for your money.  


8. How do you ensure the safety and security of my home?  

Your home is our sanctuary, and it is imperative to ensure its safety. Enquire about the measures the cleaner or cleaning company takes to ensure the security of our home during the cleaning process. Reputable cleaning companies conduct background checks on their cleaners and have stringent rules in place to uphold your privacy and security.  


How to Prepare for Your Part-Time Cleaner's Arrival  


Preparing for your part-time cleaner's arrival is a win-win situation. Not only does it facilitate a smoother cleaning process, but it also ensures that you get the best value for your time and money. A little preparation before their arrival can ensure an efficient and successful cleaning session. Here is how you can prepare for our part-time cleaner's arrival in Singapore.  


Declutter Your Space

Take a few minutes to declutter your space before the cleaning specialist arrives. Now, we are not talking about a full-on Marie Kondo session - a quick tidy-up to create a clear working environment for your cleaner. Items like clothes, dishes, children's toys, and other items that might be lying around can hinder the cleaner's ability to get to every nook and cranny. By putting away these items, we can ensure that the expert can devote their time and energy to the job at hand.  


Also, consider the cleaner's perspective. If they are spending a significant amount of their time picking up and organising, this could be time better spent scrubbing, vacuuming, and polishing. The goal is to optimise the cleaner's time and skills. Therefore, a quick declutter not only sets the stage for a deeper clean but also makes the process smoother and more efficient.  


Secure Valuables and Private Items

Although most cleaners are consummate professionals who respect your space and belongings, it is always a smart move to secure our valuables and private items. This includes not just precious and expensive items like jewellery, but also important documents and any other items carrying sensitive information. Putting these items away is a two-fold precautionary measure: it protects our belongings from accidental mishandling and safeguards your privacy.  


While we trust in the professionalism of our cleaners, we also understand that they are human, and accidents can happen. Any damage or loss of valuables can lead to an uncomfortable situation for both parties. Therefore, stowing away your precious belongings can avoid such circumstances and ensure a harmonious relationship with your cleaner.  


Provide Clear Instructions

Every home is unique, with different areas requiring special attention. If you want your cleaner to focus more on certain areas or tasks, you should be sure to communicate this clearly. You have a guest room that is rarely used and does not need a thorough cleaning, or your kitchen needs extra care due to your love for cooking. Providing explicit instructions can make the cleaning process more efficient and personalised to your needs.  


Make Sure Cleaning Supplies are Available

Ensuring that everything is in order before they arrive is crucial regardless of whether the specialist is using your cleaning supplies or bringing their own. You need to make sure that the cleaning supplies you provide are readily available and in good working order. From vacuum cleaners to scrub brushes, detergents to disinfectants, ensure you have all the necessary items. This saves the specialist from wasting valuable time searching for supplies or finding alternatives if something is missing.  


Arrange for Access

For those instances when we will not be home to welcome your cleaner, having arrangements for easy access to your property is necessary. This could be via a trusted neighbour, a door attendant, or a secured lockbox. You must make sure to communicate these arrangements clearly to avoid confusion and wasting of time. Providing clear instructions on where to find keys or who to contact on arrival will help the cleaning professional to start on time.  


Another aspect you must consider is security alarms. You need to make sure to provide any necessary codes or disarm them during the cleaning time to avoid triggering false alarms if you have a security system in place. Remember again, clarity in communication can make the access process smooth and hassle-free for both parties.  


Consider Your Pets

The arrival of a stranger coupled with the noise of cleaning equipment can be a stressful experience for our furry friends. You might want to consider setting up a comfortable space for them away from the cleaning activity if your pets are anxious or not used to strangers. This is not just for the pets' comfort but also to ensure that the cleaner can work without distractions.  


At the same time, you must also let the part time helper know about your pets, their nature, and any special instructions related to them. This could be about the areas where our pets spend time or their behaviours that the cleaner should be aware of, to ensure a safe and stress-free environment for all.  


Show Appreciation

Having someone to professionally clean our space is a luxury that not everyone can afford. So, a bit of appreciation goes a long way. A warm greeting or a simple "thank you" can make them feel valued and respected. Remember, their job is physically demanding, and a small token of appreciation can boost their spirits.  


Moreover, if the professional does an exceptional job, consider giving them a positive review or recommending them to friends and family. Positive feedback can contribute to their professional growth and open more opportunities for them. It is a small way of saying thanks for helping keep our home happy!  


How to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Part-Time Cleaner?  


Building a strong rapport with your part time maid in Singapore is all about understanding, communication, and respect. If you are looking to enhance your relationship with your part-time cleaner in Singapore, here are some friendly and engaging tips to keep in mind.  


Foster Clear and Open Communication

Communication is a two-way street, and it is not just about talking- it is also about listening. Make it a collaborative conversation when discussing your expectations or providing feedback to your cleaner. They might have valuable insights or suggestions that can improve the cleaning routine.  


To avoid any confusion, be clear and specific in your communication. Instead of saying, "Clean the kitchen," break it down into specific tasks like "Wipe the countertops, scrub the sink, mop the floor," and so on. By removing ambiguity, you establish clear expectations. Remember, professionals are not mind readers. The more specific you are about your cleaning needs, the better they can meet them.  


We must always keep your communication friendly and respectful. Avoid language that may sound condescending or rude. The tone of your voice can often convey more than your words. We must aim to create a warm and respectful dialogue with your cleaner, emphasising that you are both working together toward a shared goal.  


Value their Time

Respecting your cleaner's time is crucial. Try your best to avoid last-minute cancellations or changes to the agreed-upon schedule unless it is an emergency. Communicate with them as early as possible if changes are unavoidable, to allow them enough time to adjust their schedule.  


You must also be mindful not to burden professionals with additional tasks beyond the agreed scope without prior discussion. Adding tasks not only prolong their working hours but may also impact their performance in other areas they were originally assigned to clean. If extra tasks are necessary, discuss them with the professional upfront.  


Provide a Supportive Working Environment

Creating a safe working environment goes beyond physical hazards. It also involves maintaining a friendly and respectful atmosphere free of harassment or disrespect. It is your responsibility to ensure that hiring a part time maid in Singapore is done the right way. This includes treating them with respect, addressing their concerns seriously, and ensuring that others in your household or office do the same.  


You must also ensure that all your cleaning equipment are safe to use. Faulty equipment can pose many risks, so make sure everything is in proper working order.  


Before We Wind Up  

At Sendhelper, the words we choose to describe our amazing team members make a difference. That is why we have decided to move away from the outdated and discriminatory term 'maid'. Instead, we address them as professional cleaners or cleaning experts, highlighting their expertise and dedication.  


By following the tips and guidelines provided in this article, you will be able to find a reliable and trustworthy professional that fits your needs and budget.  


If you are looking for the best in Singapore, look no further- book part time cleaning services on the Sendhelper app or website.

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