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The 5 kind of People Who Use Laundry Services

June 10, 2016

In a city like Singapore where the number of working population inches close to 3.67 million out of the total population of around 6 million, we can say that there are many people who prefer using laundry services rather than washing clothes at their homes and spending their time and energy on the task. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 kinds of people who use laundry services.

1. Those running short on time

A major chunk or population belong to this category. These people are time pressed due to their hectic schedule, late night job shifts. They are often deprived of sleep and don’t even have the time to cook for themselves. They don’t have the enough time to wash their clothes at home. They are clueless about separating whites from other colors while washing and does not want to take a risk with their clothes. You can see this category of people using home laundry services or hog up at coin-operated laundry service centers.

2. The ones with infants

This category of the population is already tired of their child crying in the middle of the night and are too lazy to get up and change the diaper of their infant. That initial phase of parenting is a tough phase and not everyone goes through that phase happily. If you want to offer them a gift of happiness, tell them about a laundry service which picks up all the dirty clothes and diapers from their home, washes them, cleans them, irons them and returns the folded clothes at their home in a short span of time. These are the most frequent customers of the laundry services.

3. Students

Daily load of homework and recurring tests are enough for the whole day. Students living in the shared rooms mostly belong to this category. Either they procrastinate the task of washing clothes till the room is stinking or they assign the task to their roommate who himself is too busy for washing clothes. Laundry service is an easy escape for students who do not like the ordeal of washing clothes by themselves.

5. Hospitality service managers

If you are running a hospitality company then you have many uniforms, sheets and upholsteries to wash by the end of the week. You can always have a laundry service by your side, saving your precious time and energy by taking up the task of washing clothes and returning them to you neatly folded.

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