Take care of old furniture and ways to retain its shine

Old furniture has its own tale to narrate. Noted for its elegance and uniqueness, they glow with time and carve a niche for their antique appeal. Treasure the old pieces by taking good care of them. After all, the beauty of cleaned and waxed furniture reflects how lovingly you’ve cared for them. Here are the top tips on how to care for your old furniture:

  • Make sure the furniture pieces are free from dust. Regular dusting is must to keep them in place.
  • Use a good quality wax to preserve their longevity. Rub the wax softly on the furniture and continue doing the same till a deep layered finish is visible. You need to follow this step at least once in a year.
  • For waxing, use a soft cloth like cheesecloth. However, avoid overdoing the waxing part as it will do more harm than good.
 Retain the shine of your old furniture

 Wondering how to preserve their natural shine so that they never go out of fashion? Well, here are some exclusive tips to retain its shine:

  • Use mineral oil for your furniture as they rehydrate and prevent wood furniture from liquids, spills, and stains.
  • Wood waxes are equally good on your old furniture as they create a protective coat on the wood.
  • Pigmented and colored wax improves the wood color and gives it an enhanced look.

Old furniture is timeless and has its own magical significance. Retain their lustre and take good care of them as their trend never gets obsolete.

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