Time Saving Tips for Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning

January 29, 2024

Finishing off the spring cleaning before the Chinese New Year season advances is a great accomplishment. The rewards of sorting out the steps of cleaning are calmness and composure. However, the process can sometimes be exhausting, and you will need to know a lot of hacks to prepare your home for Chinese New Year, and also to make the cleaning process easy for you. Here are some of the cleaning supplies you might need to begin your cleaning spree.

All-Purpose Cleaner Use for diverse surfaces like countertops, tables, and appliances.
Disinfectant Wipes Clean high-touch areas like doorknobs and remote controls to eliminate germs.
Broom and Dustpan Sweep away dust and debris from floors and corners.
Microfiber Cloths Perfect for dusting and polishing surfaces without streaks.
Organizational Tools Use storage bins and organizers to declutter and create harmony.

Listed below are a few useful spring cleaning tips for Chinese New Year.

Create a Cleaning Plan

Here's the first from the list of spring cleaning tips for Chinese New Year. The first step to making spring cleaning easy for your family is to plan the completion of cleaning before the deadline approaches. Make a spring cleaning checklist and stick to it - it can help yourself and others who would get engaged with you in cleaning. Create a checklist that includes all areas of your home that need cleaning. List down the tools you need for it, and schedule different days for each task.

Scheduling days for cleaning can help you sort the cleaning without much stress because the load gets divided.

Since the lunar new year's eve is only a few days away, book a professional home cleaner on the Sendhelper app to get cleaning done in a jiffy.

Don’t Try to Clean the Entire Home at Once

This is one of the top tips for spring cleaning any day. Deep-cleaning your house all by yourself, especially for a festive season is a simple waste of time and resource; you’re going to miss out on things if you plan to do all the cleaning in a day. Instead of juggling between numerous things all at once on a single day, make sure that you complete the cleaning, polishing, and organising in one room before you move to the next. Having small accomplishments at the end of each day also makes you want to do the next day’s cleaning.

Clean the Floors at Last

Clean and mop the floors only after you get done with all the wall and furniture cleaning. Cleaning the floor when you feel uncomfortable with the dust is a bad idea since it would waste time you can use for effective cleaning. Clean the filth and dust from walls and furniture that falls on to the floors after doing all the other cleaning unless you want to double the actual work.

Make Sure that You Have the Tools to Clean Nearby

Keep the tools such as dusters, gloves, brooms, glass-cleaners, plastic bags, and more for cleaning at an easily accessible place. You might need to get the tools one after the other when you do multiple tasks. It would be a lot easier for you to clean when you put the tools together and keep them arranged.

Put on the Right Outfit While Cleaning

The way you dress to clean up your space can influence your mood and productivity in several ways. Put on an outfit that makes it easy for you to tackle difficult tasks while cleaning. Wearing long clothes can cause discomfort; it can also get dirty soon. 

Wear a mask to protect yourself from dirt, especially if you have allergies. There will be numerous dusty situations while cleaning, and hence being exposed to dust for more time could sometimes make you sick. You will also be using harsh chemicals for wiping and cleaning different parts of your house. Therefore, never avoid using gloves.

Do the Pending Repairs at Your Home

If you have things to get repaired at your home like leaky pipes, broken doors, cabinets, etc., gear yourself up and repair them before you start deep-cleaning your space. Things can get messier while you do the spring cleaning otherwise. Use Sendhelper’s handyman service to fix anything even on the same day.

Do More Decluttering

Declutter your space as much as you can as it saves a lot of your time and energy while cleaning and arranging. Clear off the unwanted stuff and stay away from hoarding a lot of things at your home. Cluttered spaces take away your focus too. Therefore, it is better to clear off the expired items such as cosmetics, toiletries, and dry goods in the pantry.

Spring Cleaning service for Chinese New Year

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