Property Agent Eric Choy is happy, and his clients happier

June 12, 2024

Eric Choy isn't just any property agent in Singapore. He is a standout, thanks to his knack for blending innovative service with a sincere dedication to his clients! We caught up with Eric, a professional who is leading the way in real estate while juggling life as a dad and a former business banking relationship manager. He shared with us how he is shaking things up in the real estate industry in Singapore with Sendhelper’s referral programme, and we are eager to share these insights.

Eric’s Passion for Real Estate

Eric's journey to real estate is a bit of a switch from his days in business banking, where it was all about precision and professionalism. Now, he is channelling that same commitment into real estate by turning lessons from managing his family’s properties into top-notch client service in real estate. For him, it is all about the details, timely actions, and personal connections. His motto, "Do it once, do it right,” underscores his dedication to delivering exceptional results and building client trust.  

“I developed a keen interest in real estate when I was assisting my parents with managing their property portfolio during my university days, such as assisting them with filing property taxes, assisting their tenants with stamping the tenancy agreements, ensuring that the tenants pay their dues on time, and so on.  In the first year of my career, I tried cultivating lasting relationships by prioritising transparency, communication, and personalised service. I have also ensured that my clients feel valued and supported throughout their property journey,” says Eric.

Home Services as His New Ally

Managing properties is not just about the bricks and mortar— it is about making life better for homeowners and tenants. Eric has a unique approach here. He does not just stop at selling or renting out a place. Instead, he helps his clients with the upkeep through various home services. Eric even foots the bill for minor fixes sometimes — this ensures that his clients are more than satisfied and stick around for the long haul.  

“I prioritise providing differentiated services to add value and leave a lasting impression on my clients. In alignment with our team's ethos, I go the extra mile and offer help with various tasks such as minor repairs, cleaning, moving, pest control, and disposal services.  I sometimes cover the expenses out of my own pocket, too. I believe this commitment to value-added services enhances client satisfaction, loyalty and long-term relationships. It also creates a sense of stickiness that sets our team apart in the industry. Well-maintained properties attract higher rental rates or selling prices and add value for homeowners. Home services are definitely a game-changer. Keeping properties in tip-top shape is a must regardless of whether it is fixing a leak or sprucing up the garden. It makes living better and keeps the property’s value going strong,” says the 34-year-old.

Sendhelper’s Referral Programme Boosts Income and Reputation

With Sendhelper’s referral programme, Eric is not just managing properties. He is adding incredible value as well. Eric shared how it boosted his offerings and earnings alike. Eric says, "Enrolling in Sendhelper’s referral programme has significantly bolstered my value proposition as a property agent. It is all about giving clients access to a trusted network of home service providers. My clients were able to try Sendhelper with my promo code. The feedback from clients has been positive so far. Joining this referral programme has also provided me with a supplementary income stream through commission earnings for each successful referral made to the platform.”

Eric also articulates his satisfaction with referring Sendhelper’s services to his clients. “A standout experience involved a client struggling to find a reliable mover. Previously, they had terrible experiences of movers being late, damaged personal effects, etc.  After recommending Sendhelper, they were matched by a mover partner. My clients were impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the movers.”

Eric’s Advice to Fellow Agents

Eric quickly turned into a big supporter of adding more services to his property management game through smart partnerships. Working with Sendhelper is a prime example of how he is mixing things up to really improve how clients feel about the service. Eric says that teaming up like this has loads of perks.

He says, “My advice to other property agents considering partnering with Sendhelper would be to leverage the platform's extensive network of home service providers to offer clients a comprehensive and streamlined property management solution. By embracing this partnership, agents can enhance their service offerings and strengthen client relationships. This way, they can ultimately differentiate themselves in a competitive market.”

Sendhelper’s Agent Referral Programme in a Nutshell

Now let us understand the pivotal tool that has greatly influenced his professional approach — the Sendhelper’s Agent Referral Programme, which is particularly designed to empower real estate agents by providing them with an extensive network of trusted home service professionals. From cleaners to handymen, these service providers are crucial for maintaining and enhancing property management. They ensure every property remains well-maintained and appreciates in market value.

Key Features of Sendhelper’s Agent Referral Programme

Let us explore how the Sendhelper’s Agent Referral Programme is an invaluable tool for real estate professionals.

Easy Registration

Real estate agents can sign up for free by logging into AgentNet and completing a form with their name and bank account details.

Referral Code Benefits

Agents receive a unique referral code linked to their CEA registered license number upon registration. This code can be shared with clients who will then enjoy a $50 discount on their first purchase of Sendhelper services and a 5% commission on every subsequent purchase.

Unlimited Earning Potential

There is no cap on earnings. The more clients an agent refers, the more they earn.  

Comprehensive Service Range

Sendhelper offers access to a diverse range of services, including cleaning for move-in, move-out, festivals and observations, regular or once-off general cleaning, handyman repairs, air conditioning servicing, pest control, and specialised maintenance tasks. This variety allows agents to address nearly any property maintenance issue swiftly and effectively.

Trusted Professional Network

Each service provider in the Sendhelper network is thoroughly vetted for quality and reliability. This meticulous vetting process assures that all services rendered meet the highest standards — it fosters client satisfaction and trust. It also enhances the marketability and effectiveness of agents.

Competitive Pricing

Sendhelper ensures that services are top-notch and competitively priced. This provides value for both agents and their clients.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

The convenience and reliability of Sendhelper’s services enhance client satisfaction, which in turn helps agents strengthen their relationships with clients. This will help foster loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Journeying With Sendhelper

Eric keeps setting the bar high with his honest and innovative approach and shows other real estate agents in Singapore how to bring something extra to the table. His journey is not just about making great sales — it is also about building lasting trust and raising the bar constantly with every client he meets. If you want to up your game and make your clients happier like how Eric does, why not check out what Sendhelper’s Agent Referral Programme has to offer? Join a community of agents who are shaking things up in the real estate world with the help of Sendhelper right away!