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Sendhelper: A Worthy House Cleaning Services Company

June 5, 2015

Sendhelper is the future of home cleaning available now. It is a professional company committed to deliver high quality household cleaning services at the most competitive rates. The company provides the most convenient way of hiring professional help with a single tap on your smart phone. Simply download the Android or iPhone app, and you are assured of the best cleaning solution in Singapore.

Sendhelper has a stringent policy about hiring staff, and it hires people qualified for the job, only after a thorough background check. We guarantee your home will be cleaned by only PR or Singaporean cleaners who are verified by us. This means you are assured of reliable and trustworthy cleaning services, and you do not have to stress about leaving valuable things in your home.

Sendhelper also guarantees the quality of cleaning services it provides. We use the best materials and cleaning products to make sure that not only your home sparkles, but also nothing is damaged during the cleaning process. Secondly, we make you the judge of the services we have provided, by enabling you to rate the helper. This not only ensures quality service, but we also get almost instant feedback so that we can rectify anything that has fallen short of your expectations.

Sendhelper believes in providing services that their clients need, and not burdening them with standardized packages. Hence, we give you the power to choose whatever cleaning services you need and whenever you need them. We make sure, the help arrives punctually, and the job is done within the specified time. Hence, the next time you have a wild party, you need not stress about the cleaning. Simply tap your smart phone and your home will be clean and tidy in no time. Even if you are not sure about hiring help for regular cleaning of your home, it is no issue. We are ready to clean your home whenever you have a requirement. Customizing cleaning services according to customer's requirements is our motto.

This Cleaning service provider prides itself at being a specialist in providing home cleaning service and hence focuses only on this niche. You might find companies that are doing different businesses and offering cleaning services as well. Such companies may not have the required focus that is needed in delivering quality home cleaning services. When specialization is lacking, quality suffers and you cannot expect such a company to deliver as per your expectations. Sendhelper on the other hand specializes in home cleaning and guarantees to exceed your expectations in providing you with a spotless home.

If you were looking for reliable, professional, and quality home cleaning service in Singapore, Sendhelper would be the ideal choice. You need not take our word for it, as you can check the feedback of our clients. You will find only good comments and praises. We have painstakingly built our reputation on customer satisfaction and we will continue to do in future.

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