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Smart Rent Saving Ideas for Tenants in Singapore

August 9, 2021
Rent Saving Ideas in Singapore

Getting a space for rent in Singapore could be one of the costliest affairs you’ll probably come across in your life. Rent in such a land-scarce nation can be on the high side. However, the reputation of the island city and the safety as a financial hub in Asia always attract people from other countries to settle here. There are some ways for you to save on your rent in the island city. This article discusses smart rent saving ideas that will help you get spaces in Singapore at comparatively cheaper rents.

Rent Saving Ideas in Singapore

The Choice of Location

Location is one of the vital aspects that affect the rent of a property, whether it is for rent or purchase. However, location needs are always subjective, and it depends greatly on individual needs. For instance, living right in central locations like towns may be a good choice for people who work near the Central Business District as it helps them walk to work. But it may not be the best option for those who want to stay somewhere away from the hustle, around more greenery. 

Properties in and around the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore will have higher rents. The Government of Singapore has encouraged businesses to move to business centres that are far from the town such as the Jurong area and Changi Business Park. Rents near these areas will be cheaper. 

With ‘work from home’ becoming the new norm and largely encouraged by the Singapore government, it is a good time to explore the heartlands of Singapore as one of the rent saving ideas where rents are cheaper while necessary amenities are available just around the corner wherever you choose to stay. Heartlands are suburban areas of the island with residential areas complimented by markets, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes. Public transport connects them well to the city centre, tourist attractions and the airport.

Rent a Single Room

You can always go with the choice of renting a single room for yourself if you can’t afford an entire apartment or find friends to move along with you. Renting a single room though comes with its own limitations. The landlord will expect you to stay in the room and share other facilities in the house based on verbal or written agreement.  If you want more of an open culture to share the living rooms of the house, talk and find out from the personality of the owner while visiting the place. Ask them frankly whether they mind you using the kitchen, and all such preferences. Our experience says these conditions largely depends on the camaraderie you develop with the landlord over time.

Consider Staying at HDB than at Condominiums

The rental cost in Singapore has increased a lot in the past ten years, and many expats started to rent public housing known as the HDBs. The Housing Development Board flats (HDBs) are public housing subsidised for Singaporeans. Most HDBs are located at locales out of the main city as they are meant mainly for staying in. The rent for HDBs is cheaper when compared to private condominiums as they don’t offer any facilities like a gymnasium, BBQ pits, and swimming pools. They are also more spacious than private apartments, and most HDBs will have a minimum of two bedrooms. They will also have newer and modern neighbourhoods that look like condominiums. New constructed HDBs in the heartlands of Singapore are worth checking out.

Look for an All-In Rental Contract

It is of utmost importance to study the clauses in your rental agreement before you sign it. Make sure to go through details like the duration of the lease and the types of payment you need to do during the lease. Those can often include penalties, aircon servicing, maintenance fees for items with the space, rental payment, utility charges including internet, cable TV subscriptions, water and electricity charges. You need to be careful as many owners expect you to take on the repair fees if you plan to be the main tenant. You can negotiate with your landlord to feasibly share the costs with you if you are aware of all these costs. Make sure that you ask your landlord to do a move out cleaning before you move in after his/her previous tenants. 

Clean the Apartment Before Moving-in

Your landlord cleaning the rented space before you moving in will help you save money for cleaning it up by yourself. As per most rental agreements it is the responsibility of the landlord to hand over the apartment in good and clean condition. You may book a deep cleaning service on the Sendhelper app on behalf of the landlord or property agent for professional move-in cleaning. Make sure to replace all worn out items in the house before cleaning. You will only require weekly or biweekly cleaning later on.

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