Why is Quarterly Aircon Service Recommended by Experts?

December 29, 2021
Quarterly aircon service

The importance of having to get your aircon serviced quarterly is often forsaken by several households in Singapore. Avoiding quarterly aircon service can often take a toll on its overall working condition. This could make it difficult to fix performance-related issues later when they get serious, and you wouldn’t be able to use the aircon on sunny days. The aircon could start showing problems suddenly, and you will have to make it go through repairs for it will function again. Entrusting a professional aircon service provider like the Sendhelper for servicing your aircon is a good way to keep the units in good operating condition. We offer prompt service and support with quarterly aircon service, and our well-trained professionals will take care of everything - all you have to do is book the service, sit back, and relax!

Here is why you should service your aircon quarterly.

Breakdowns are Likely to Occur In case of Heavy Use

If you run your aircon for fifty to sixty hours a week, know that it is heavy use. Aircon parts such as the filter, fan coils, and drainage pipes require regular check-up. The amount of dust and dirt that would accumulate during heavy use is too much. Therefore you should not ignore it for a long time for it to not stop working one day. You will then have to spend a very big amount repairing it. 

Aircon Smells Bad at Places with Dust 

If you have installed the aircon in environments with dust and pollution, you will have to get it serviced quarterly. Aircons filter polluted air and then condition it according to the needs of people sitting in the room. The aircon will start releasing stinky air if you neglect quarterly servicing. In places that are overly polluted with dust and other pollutants in the atmosphere, it gets even worse.

Relatively Old Aircons Might Need More Frequent Inspection 

Aircons that are comparatively old and functioning properly need quarterly servicing to ensure that they are running in top-notch condition. One needs to make sure that all parts of the unit are serviced to avoid failure as well as accidents. Giving old aircon units quarterly servicing will also improve the lifespan of the units in the longer run. It is always better to do the servicing before your aircon fails to work disrupting your whole schedule. Old aircon units will take more time even to get repaired, so make sure that you don’t skip quarterly servicing.

Rental Agreement Requires Quarterly Aircon Service

Many rental agreements make it clear that tenants need to do aircon servicing quarterly. The aircon maintenance clause would be included in the agreement. You can trust a reliable service provider in Singapore such as the Sendhelper to take care of the job. You can sign up for aircon contract servicing that starts at $150 per year only. Make sure to keep the receipts after each aircon servicing to show it at the end of the lease. 

Quarterly Aircon Service in Singapore

Book a quarterly aircon service on the Sendhelper app. Our experienced technicians will also advise you on how to keep check of aircon health. We also provide service reports for tenants and property agents.

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