Prevent Diseases Through a Healthier Diet!

February 22, 2024

The Chinese have a saying that disease enters through the mouth, suggesting that we should be cautious of the food which we eat. Furthermore, research has shown that activities in our gut affect our overall physical wellbeing. In an article published in Straits Times, it was noted that 1 in 9 people in Singapore would develop diabetes. A large part of this was due to the quality of our poor diets. However, this situation can be averted by eating healthier!

Why people find it difficult to eat healthy

Before we expound on how one can eat healthy meals, we have to look at the obstacles which most face when switching to healthy eating. When healthy eating is mentioned, we often think of raw vegetables in salad bowls and superfoods. The media constantly pushes for different diet fads which are often out of the budgets of most. We are constantly bombarded with mixed messages of how a healthy diet and how healthy living looks like. If you are someone who regularly eats unhealthy food, it is understandable how the thought of healthy eating would sound intimidating. Additionally, there are many more ways to eat healthily than to just consume salads and superfoods. Healthy meals often look different according to the cultural context.

Here are some other reasons why people find it difficult to switch to healthy diet.

Convenience and Accessibility Unhealthy options are often more convenient and readily available, leading people to choose quick, processed foods over healthier alternatives.
Time Constraints Busy schedules and time constraints can make it challenging to plan and prepare nutritious meals, leading individuals to opt for faster but less healthy options.
Cost Considerations Perceived higher costs of healthier food choices can be a deterrent, as processed and fast food options are often perceived as more budget-friendly.
Marketing and Advertising Aggressive marketing of unhealthy, processed foods can influence choices, as individuals are exposed to enticing advertisements that may not align with nutritional goals.
Cultural and Social Influences Cultural norms and social settings may contribute to unhealthy eating habits, as certain gatherings or traditions may revolve around less nutritious food options.

Eating healthy is more than what you eat

Adding on to the earlier point, healthy eating is simpler than we thought. It’s not limited to only eating vegetables and fruits. Pairing fruits and vegetables with meat, balancing the intakes for each is better and more effective. Eating at a regular timing also helps our body to regulate our circadian rhythm, which puts less stress on our digestive systems.

Do not take dietary shortcuts

Sometimes, in the haste to lose weight, people might take supplements in concentrated doses with decreased food intake. This is deleterious to health and might cause permanent damages to your body. In an article by BBC, Jim McCants recounted such an experience. In his hope to lose weight, he took green tea capsules and ate less food. This resulted in his skin turning yellow – a sign of a damaged liver.  If you are intending to lose weight, think of how food pairings could help you to achieve your goals. For example, eating fibrous fruits before each meal can help one to lose weight. This is because the fibre from the fruits can help to absorb oil in the food ingested.

Weight loss programmes don’t work in the long run

Diet programmes like juice cleanses are very difficult to adhere to for the working adult. It is easy to see why – the sudden change to a clean healthy diet is shocking to the body and we do not have the luxury of time to deal with these changes. In the process of dieting, mistakes are inevitable. Due to how strict the process is, missing out on a bottle of juice or eating a piece of fried chicken midway instead of diet food feels demoralising. This is not something exclusive to juice cleanses but also applies to other diet programs as well. Furthermore, crash diet programs are not good for your health as it places stress on both your mental and physical well-being. Thinking of having a detox through such crash diets is also silly – your liver has been detoxifying waste materials in your body on a daily basis. Additionally, experts have noted that after these diets, people tend to gain the weight which was lost or even gain more weight.

Eat at home

Nothing beats following healthy food recipes and cooking them on our own. When we eat home cooked food, the food cooked is tailored to our dietary needs. This way, we have absolute control over our diet. Singaporeans often choose to eat out because after a long day at work, they are too tired to cook for themselves.

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