Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Clean Throughout 2021

January 4, 2021
Practical tips to keep your home clean

All of us dream about keeping our homes clean all year. But as time goes on, most of us would eventually start giving up on this idea. Well, it’s the story of every New Year resolution and cleaning is no different. It happens because we set unrealistic cleaning goals at the beginning of the year, and fail to achieve them. Here are a few practical tips to keep your home clean throughout the new year.

Plan a Cleaning Schedule and Stick to it

Most of our lives run on a schedule. It becomes much easier when we have a better idea of what is coming ahead and what we are ought to do. Therefore, creating a cleaning schedule makes it easy -pick a day for floor cleaning, laundry, changing beds, vacuuming, and so on.

Rearrange the Common Areas

Most often, the place where all the clutter happens is in the common areas of your home, such as the entrance, living room, and kitchen. Make it a habit to set out trays to keep the keys and baskets for backpacks. You can consider using a wall-mounted organiser to sort the mails. Put away the shoes as soon as you step inside - this can avoid the pile-up of dust and dirt on floors. Make it a habit to keep the common areas of your home clean - once you stick on to this habit, you will start noticing how much less you will have to clean on the weekends.

Have Enough Cleaning Equipment at Your Place

A fully-stocked cleaning closet helps you a lot while doing deep-cleaning tasks at your home. Make sure that you have separate toilet brushes in the bathrooms, along with disposable cloths for cleaning and wiping. If you occupy more than a floor at your space, make sure that each floor has the basics, such as brooms, dust bin bags, and all-purpose cleaners.

Clean the Mess Away as You Cook

Kitchen is one of the messiest places in our homes since we do a lot there. It is on the view ever since the open kitchen concept has become more popular. Cleaning while you cook can help you more when it comes to saving the time for weekly deep-cleaning - you can easily quit ordering in and eating out daily for this! 

Make it a habit to clean up the cooking mess and empty the dishwasher before dinner. Divide the job between adults at the end of the meal to clean the mess as it will help you finish the cleaning job even faster.

Set Yourself and Other Individuals Up for Success

Small tasks are big helpers to keep your space tidy when you do it with forethought. Keep extra trash bags at the bottom of the bin to keep a fresh one ready. Fold the laundry as soon as you take it from the dryer - it can help you save the time on ironing. Have a small bag for garbage or pull out the garbage bin while you are cooking so that it helps you to keep the kitchen clean. Spend at least ten minutes before you go to bed to fold throw blankets, fill up the dishwasher, and put away the electronics.

Hire Professional Cleaners for Home Cleaning

Having these practical tips to keep your home clean is always handy. However, you may finding it challenging to keep up with the cleaning schedule all the time. Do not skip regular cleaning if you have events to attend and have no time to spend on cleaning. Book cleaning services with the best service provider in Singapore, the Sendhelper to do the job for you while you are away.

For S$22 an hour, hire five-star rated cleaners for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning schedules. Simply download the Sendhelper app to book and manage your preferred cleaner.

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