Pet Parenting: How to Take Care of Your Pets Responsibly at Home

November 29, 2021
Pet Parenting in Singapore

Keeping pets at our homes can often be a treat, but it comes with a set of responsibilities as well. Our pets need good care to stay happy and healthy. They also need to engage in daily activities to ensure that their energy gets spent well. Here are some tips for pet parenting that would help us have pets in our homes for a long time.

Tips for Pet Parenting at Home

Make Timely Visits to the Veterinarian

Pets have a lifespan that is shorter than the human lifespan. One way to be a responsible pet owner is to take your pets on visits to an expert veterinarian for check-ups at least once or twice a year. Get a vaccination schedule from the vet when you bring a small pet to your home.

Building and maintaining good pet health becomes easier when you take them for check-ups as they grow. However, visits to the vet could be challenging for some pet owners, so many of them tend to avoid it. But this will only increase the risk for your pet to have health issues. So you should be able to rely on ways to reduce stress for both of you - like giving your pets treats - to make it comfortable. Take your pets for joyful rides and treat them a lot for them to not worry too much about the visit to the vet.

Vaccinate Your Pets on Time

Vaccination is the most important part of responsible pet-caring, and you should do it soon after you bring your young pet home. Schedule an appointment with a vet for immunization and set up a schedule. Vaccinating your pets could save their lives from many illnesses and diseases that could be fatal if you don’t vaccinate them. Do it early to prevent several diseases such as distemper, rabies, and Lyme disease. Immunisation is also applicable to older pets you adopt. Make sure that you get them vaccinated and go with the renewal at the right time.

Train Your Pets Well

One of the key things to do to make socialising easy is to train your pets. Start the training when they are young because that is the time they learn the tricks fast. Work on proper obedience training with treats for your pet to bond with you as well. You can ask your vet to suggest some good trainers in your area. A well-trained pet is most likely to be happy - that could, in turn, help you to be a happy pet parent.

Feed Your Pets Healthy Food

Feed your food with healthy food and fresh water all the time - this is something you should never compromise in pet parenting. Pick the right pet food after consulting the vet and stick to the diet plan suggested by your vet. With the help of your vet, identify and feed them with the additional nutrition they need in their daily life. You can pick pet foods with a good balance of protein, fats, and carbs as they are plenty of fibre. Make sure that you select a pet food formula that suits your pets’ age, health, and activity level. Always talk to the vet before you feed your pets with any specialised food.

Make Identification of Your Pets Easier

Get your pet stuff that helps people identify that they are yours, such as a safe collar and tag with your contact information. Young pets can get lost after they dash out the doors, so having such a tag could most often save you both. We highly recommend implanting a microchip under your pet's skin so that a scanner can read the chip to help pull the identification information from it. You should make sure to keep the contact information up-to-date and change it on the file with a microchip if you have changes in your contact information.

Clean and Groom Your Pets Regularly

Introduce good hygiene and grooming habits to your pets at a young age itself until it becomes a routine. It can save all the worry for both parties moving forward. Give them baths, trim their nails, and comb their coats to keep them in shape. Schedule these tasks in your calendar; you can even put a reminder on your phone if you tend to forget about it.

Sterilize Your Pets

Veterinarians opine that sterilization prevents several health problems and cuts down the chance of unwanted pregnancies. Spaying means removing the uterus and ovaries of your female pet. It will reduce the risk of ovarian and cervical cancer in them; it also prevents the female pets from going on to the heat and your female pet straying from home in search of a partner. Neutering a puppy helps in reducing the aggression issues. It also cuts down the chance of having testicular cancer as well as roaming in the neighbourhood. Both spaying and neutering surgery needs general anaesthesia, so your pet might have to stay with the vet for at least a night for observation.

We recommend you to consult a veterinarian to understand the sterilization process, its necessity and ideal age of your pet for the procedure.

Provide Your Pet a Safe, Clean, and Comfy Habitat

Pet parenting includes provide your pets with safe and comfy habitats whenever you change the settings of your home according to the seasons. Replace the pet beds when it gets older, and make sure that you always keep checking on the potential hazards such as exposed wires and cords. There can be chances for your pets to chew on them, so make sure that these are not accessible to them. Set up security gates and repair all the broken and loose windows. Also, never get plants that are poisonous to your pets.

Regularly Clean Your Space

Regular cleaning of your space is a major task in pet parenting. Make sure that you keep your space clean especially when you have pets at home. Chances for their hair to get accumulated and stuck on beds and mats are there, so timely cleaning is a must thing to do. Animal dander causes allergies in humans. In order to avoid such health risks, regular cleaning as well as a deep cleaning at least once a year is recommended.

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