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August 4, 2019

Hire a personal chef Singapore!

Lay back, relax and enjoy a luxurious weekend at home. Cooking hassles are now going to vanish forever! Enjoy professional cooking services in the comfort of your home. Whether it is a house party or a lazy weekend, book a professional chef with Sendhelper: Best personal chef services in Singapore!

After a tedious day at work, your friend, Sendhelper, with efficient cleaning and laundry services, has come up with the best in town cooking services for you to lay a lazy leg.

Would you like to rush home or hold on to the worries of the guests’ food for the get together planned at your home by your silly Husband? Or the house party you've been waiting to flaunt?

Yes, we get it! We are at your service with expert cooking services along with house cleaning experts. The cook can also help you decide cuisines and serve you with an extraordinary food setup. You can arrange a BBQ, private dining, canapés or even a buffet with the help of sendhelper. Delicious mouthwatering cuisines will be served with professional expertise and presentation to make it special for you.

Our services

  • Excellent food taste,
  • Quality food & service,
  • Professionals at your service,
  • Timely, and,
  • Masters of every cuisine.

Here are the basics we love to follow:

Each order is for a cook who specializes in the selected cuisine, including cleanup of the cooking area when done.

  • Please note sendhelper needs to be given an advance notice if for the following requests: Specific food choices
  • Special/preferred ingredients
  • Purchase of groceries/ingredients

P.S. The cook must be reimbursed or compensated for the expenses.

Why choose us?

At sendhelper, you will find, quality, hygiene, professionalism, authentic taste, variety and unconventional cooking skills. We understand how ideal it is to impress the guests with fine dinner. So don’t confuse your role between a host and a cook at your party. Be at ease, while our top-tier chefs impress your guests and you, with their expertise.

We are aware regarding the different requirements of different occasions; we serve your exclusive requirements with custom service. You can also call us to place your special requests without any extra or hidden costs!

About our chefs:

Efficient, swift and vivid: our chefs possess the quality to amaze your tastebuds! We are passionate about cooking and the quality of service. We won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to serve you with a delightful dinner experience.

We intent to serve our customers with a high class taste and exceptional service.

We ensure to send fully vetted cooks with best ratings to fit the requirement of your choice.

So pick up your phones and dial to us for an exceptional evening dinner!

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