Moving Out Preparation Checklist: How to Plan, Prepare and Pack for a Move Out in Singapore

September 21, 2023

The possibility of spending so much time worrying about ways to prepare for a move out without making any mistakes or missing our belongings is high. A moving out preparation checklist could overwhelm you if you don’t have a good plan. You can keep the worry aside now - we are here to help you through this! From creating a to-do list to doing it all, you would be able to shift to your new apartment without glitches. Read through the article to get a clear idea regarding how to prepare for a move-out. 

Moving Out Preparation Checklist

Start by Getting Organized 

Getting organized to do the work is the key to doing any task without fail. There could be high chances for you to get turned around by doing all the tasks such as scheduling, coordinating, and transporting. But do not!

Create a Move-Out File and Folder

The first and foremost thing you have to do is get a notebook or create a file on your phone to update the moving checklist. It helps to store all the paperwork related to moving. It also helps to update the moving checklist. Create a folder to save receipts, contracts, and personal documents you would want to keep track of. It can include financial documents, agreements relating to loans and lease or rent, passports of your family members as well as social security cards. 

Download a Checklist to Make the Job Easier 

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving out from your place for the first time or not. Having a checklist with you helps you to avoid mistakes and create a timeline. Plan your move in weekly increments to break the task into small projects so that you can tackle it easily. 

Calculate the Inventory and Budget

Count and record the itemized list in your inventory for easy estimation of your moving cost. Account for every stuff you have and make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. The inventory list could be of use to a moving company if you are planning to hire one. It is also useful when shopping for insurance.  

Deciding on a moving budget at the early stage saves a lot of worries. Include your moving costs and estimate the money you may need to spend to move or repair furniture (if you have to). Save the proof of all moving expenses and store them safely in a handy folder. 

Schedule Time for Moving-related Tasks

Preparing for moving out also means that you will have to train your mind to face a lot of trouble. Expect and accept that things can get messy here and there no matter how perfectly you plan the move-out. Avoid stressing over minute mistakes from your side. Set some time each week for yourself amidst planning and doing the tasks. 

Notify Your Landlord 

Don’t skip or forget to tell your landlord regarding your move out. Landlords usually get in touch with you to know whether you would like to renew the lease or not. Let them know one or two months before your move when you are sure about the move-out. It is important to take a note of the best practices for tenants and landlords.

Take the Important Moving Decisions to Get Clarity 

You will have to decide on several things while preparing yourself to move to a new space. Some key questions you should have the answer sometime before you move out include:

Do you need to book a professional service provider? This decision will depend on the distance you are moving and the amount of belongings you have.
What kind of boxes do you need for packing? There are a variety of boxes, like cardboard boxes, telescope boxes, plastic boxes, to choose from for your packing.
What is the size of the shipping vehicle? It is very important to know the size of the vehicle to know the limit of boxes you need to pack as well as the number of trips you might need back and forth the two locations.
Do you need to purchase moving insurance? Doing a proper research about moving insurance will help you save up a lot in the long run.

Hire a Professional Service Provider to Pack Stuff or Do it Yourself Like a Pro

The service of professional service providers such as the Sendhelper makes moving out, cleaning and packing way easier than you think. All you have to do is visit our website and book our Movers and Packers service for scheduling your move out, Deep Cleaning services for your end of tenancy cleaning and move-in cleaning, Handyman Services for repairs around the home and Aircon Servicing for regular maintenance. However, here are a few tips if you are planning to do the tasks all by yourself:

Get the Right Supplies to Pack 

You are already spending a lot of money on your moving, so there’s no need to waste money on a lot of supplies you probably would not use. Getting the right materials can change your packing game. Have a look at your belongings in detail and note what kind of boxes and covers you would need. Get some carton boxes if you have many books and very few hanging clothes.

Check How to Pack Tricky Items Safely 

There will always be a few things that are hard to pack when compared to the rest. Read up or watch videos on how to pack tricky items to make them to your new apartment without damage. Pack jewellery in plastic wraps, take photos of electronic devices before unplugging them and label the carton boxes correctly to avoid misplacing. 

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need to Take With You

You would be storing a lot of unwanted stuff on your shelves just because you are not using them. It may also be because you don’t need them anymore. You wouldn’t need to take everything you have at your current apartment, so get rid of all such unwanted stuff. The bonus is it can help you cut down on the moving cost and save your new space from clutter. Donating the good stuff you don’t need is a good idea, but check about the updated safety protocols and guidelines at the donation centres. 

Avoid Mess by Packing in Order 

Start packing your stuff in good order before some weeks in stages - most of the planning falls in packaging. Pack all the off-season clothes and the things you don’t use often. Also, pack all the stuff you wouldn’t be using before the move. Pack all the important documents and essential items only on the last day; make sure that you find and keep the documents ready for the last day to pack. 

Get to Know the Services of the Service Provider You Choose in Detail

Knowing what kind of services you would need while moving out from a service provider help you calculate the cost. Getting to know what will be taken care of, what you would need to, etc. will help to do the tasks without worry. 

Double Check Everything 

Here is the final item in your moving out preparation checklist. Check once again in detail if there’s anything you might have overlooked while packing including garbage. Take photos of the move-out condition of your current apartment and do the last walk down with your landlord. Make sure that you cancel the garbage removal service at your apartment before moving out, or else you will have to end up paying for someone else's garbage.

Start putting your plan into action after you gather a clear idea about all these tasks. You can keep the checklist and move out guide handy. Stay focused until you finish off all the tasks so that you can settle at the new apartment soon!

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