Move-Out Cleaning: 4 Pointers You Need to Know Before an Apartment Handover in Singapore

November 21, 2023

Catching a deal with a new beautiful place is quite interesting for many of us, isn’t it? It is fascinating to see how we love our apartment a little bit more after a proper move-out cleaning. But it's time to hand it over to the landlord by then.

There are many reasons why we should consider a move out cleaning at our place before we vacate. Renters are particular about their tenants doing a move-out cleaning and making it neat and proper. Also, it is better to do a move-out cleaning if you don’t want to forgo your security deposit.

Here is a list of important things you need to consider while doing a move out cleaning:

Always Refer to the Lease Before the Move-Out Cleaning

The first and foremost step you will have to do before a move-out cleaning is to find your lease and refer to it; the document would most probably mention the handover procedure. Most leases stipulate the amount of money you will have to pay or the things you will have to clean before moving out of the space. This gives you a clear idea regarding their expectations and it would, in turn, help you to hand over the cleaning service to professionals to make the job way easier.

Communicate with Your Landlord

Whether you’re going to clean it all by yourself or seek professional help for cleaning, you must speak to your landlord prior to the cleaning. Make sure to clarify the doubts and questions that are not included in the lease - this gives you a better idea to plan the whole cleaning session. Get a good idea about what they expect you to do before handing over the keys to the apartment.

Tenants will be on the hook for the move out cleaning in most cases. Cleaning all the nooks and corners and arranging everything as it was before you moved into the apartment will give you a fair chance to get your security deposit back. It is always good to remember that your landlord can legally hire a cleaning service and charge you for the cost if you do it halfway.

Here are a few things you always need to discuss with your landlord prior to the move-out.

Move-Out Date Clearly state your planned move-out date and ensure it aligns with the lease terms.
Security Deposit Discuss the return process for your security deposit, including deductions and the need for your new address.
Cleaning and Repairs Clarify expectations for cleaning and repairs, and inquire about a final walkthrough.
Forwarding Address Provide your new forwarding address for mail and documents related to your tenancy.
Utilities and Services Coordinate the transfer or cancellation of utilities and services to avoid post-move-out responsibilities.

Make Sure You Clean if You are Responsible for Any Damage

Most landlords expect their place to look spick and span to make it easy to welcome new tenants. Therefore, clean your apartment thoroughly whether you plan to clean it on your own or by taking the help of a professional cleaning service provider.

Cleaning your space thoroughly is most often a huge task since so many areas and objects inside the apartment might have to be taken care of delicately. Therefore, hire professional cleaners to make it all easy for you as they offer specialist deep cleaning services to their clients. High-utility areas of your apartment such as the kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and all other extra spaces will be professionally cleaned at decent and affordable rates.

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