Useful Modes and Features on Aircon Remotes That You Probably Didn’t Know About

March 30, 2022
Features on aircon remotes

Air condition technology has advanced a lot over the past few years. It is absolutely fine if you get confused by the complex symbols and names on your aircon remote control. You will be aware of the heating and cooling modes of the aircon. However, chances of understanding the special features of your aircon are very low. Aircon remote controls come with several new features for the convenience of users. Learning about these features and symbols can greatly help in maintaining the right temperature as well as saving running costs. Let us have a look at some of the modern features on aircon remotes that will offer more comfort.

Modern Features on Aircon Remotes

Anti-Fungal Feature 

Anti-fungal feature aids the prevention of the growth of microorganisms on their evaporator coil by keeping it dry. The compressor will turn off soon after the user turns off the aircon from the remote while the compressor is ON, but the fan blower will be ON for a while. The antifungal feature is extremely helpful for people who use aircons for a long period for work from home; it also cuts down on air pollution.

iFeel Feature 

Some ACs come with an intelligent iFeel remote that incorporates an array of sensors inside the remote. It helps to regulate the temperature according to where people are sitting. The iFeel feature provides better and more accurate cooling. Regular air conditioners do not regulate the temperature of the room where people are sitting. They just regulate it around the unit. Many advanced air conditioners come with four different sleep modes that utilise the iFeel feature on the remote to ensure proper cooling as per a person’s body temperature to save energy.

ADJ Feature 

The aircons with ADJ feature on their remote will increase or decrease their maximum cooling capacity. This feature lets the users switch from 1.5 to 1 or 2 Ton capacity. It depends on the number of people in the room and the heat. By doing that, it can help greatly in the optimization of running costs.

Superdry Mode 

The Superdry mode of ACs helps to eliminate the extra humidity level in the room very quickly, thereby making the environment much more comfortable for people to be in. The aircon usually runs on a higher cooling capacity which is predefined, and it limits the indoor fan blower at a lower speed. The Superdry mode will capture the extra water vapour within no time and aids quick dehumidification. Therefore aircons with Superdry mode are an apt choice for people living in coastal areas where the air is always dense during some months.

Eco Mode

Air conditioners with remotes having Eco mode have become a choice preferred by many lately as a lot of people are getting conscious about their carbon footprint. Most of the modern aircon remotes come with this feature, and it efficiently uses the airconditioner’s fan and compressor to cut down on energy while achieving the desired temperature. The fan speed is medium and it runs the air conditioner in economic mode to save electricity when the mode is turned on. 

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