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Manage your old clothes before shopping for new

June 10, 2015

Planning to go on a shopping spree? Well, that’s indeed a noble thought! But, before you think of buying new clothes or accessories, make sure to discard something old. When buying things, prefer setting a rule for yourself that you can purchase something new only if you replace it with the older ones. Let’s say that you need 15 business suits! Now, before you buy them, set a budget. And when you think of buying one, make sure to first throw away or donate an existing one.

Before you buy new stuffs, you should also differentiate between your needs and wants. For example, ask yourself how many clothes you actually need and how many you have from before. Rethink whether you really need new clothes or not. This sort of an approach has dual benefits, first you’ll have fewer clothes to stuff your cabinets and drawers, and second you’ll spend your money wisely.

If you actually need new things, then look for thoughtful ways to discard the older ones. After all, you had invested in them previously and there’s no point in throwing them away blindly. Instead, you can donate them to the nearest charity. Besides, you can also create unique crafts from the used items. For instance, you may use your old scarf to design a wrapped skirt or use old t-shirts to create vibrant looking bags.

Old clothing and accessories usually sit in your closet your drawers and occupy enough space that you could have utilized to keep other essentials. However, before you toss them out, prefer giving it away to people who may need them.

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