Lunar New Year Costume: What to Wear for CNY 2024 in Singapore

January 17, 2024

The Lunar New Year falls on 10th February this year, and it is one of the most awaited seasons for the Chinese community. People get excited about the Lunar New Year costume they wear on such an occasion around family and friends, and hence the curiosity regarding rules for dressing is something that needs to be attended to. It is good to have a clear idea regarding to what extent you would like to stick to the traditional outfits and dress without offending anyone deliberately. There are certain things you should be careful about while deciding your Lunar New Year costume.

The Lunar New Year celebrations have become more modern these days even when the traditions are still present, and hence it is easier to decide on a look these days. But before we move on to any trends, let us talk about an important thing first. 

Lunar New Year Costume for 2022

Wear New Clothes 

Many Chinese families go shopping before they welcome the Lunar New Year. According to Chinese belief, people buy new things and new clothes to wear to get ready for a fresh start. Here are some things you should consider while planning the look for Chinese New Year Day. 

Red Cheongsam Being the Traditional Dress 

The traditional look of Chinese New Year is qipao or cheongsam frocks in red colour. Many designers are now influenced by this style these days, and you can easily find a good piece in your favourite colour that takes inspiration from a cheongsam. 

Wearing Things of Sentimental Value 

Many Chinese people stick to wearing stuff special to them in sentimental ways. People wear ornaments that are passed on from their ancestors even when they wear new clothes to welcome new beginnings on the Chinese New Year. However, it makes sense to honour the ones who are special to you and wear their stuff on a special occasion like the Lunar New Year.

Red Coloured Outfits

Chinese people consider red as a lucky colour. According to them, the colour symbolizes happiness and passion. People also believe that the presence of red colour invites luck into the family, which is why most people choose to wear a red dress on Chinese New Year’s Day. Red is extra lucky for you if it is your zodiac year.

Check the Chinese zodiac calendar and see which animal represents the year you were born. 2022 is the year of the tiger, so prepare to wear red if your birth year matches. People also pick red-coloured accessories such as sandals, bags, and brooches because of this belief. 

Avoid Wearing Full Black, White, and Dark Colours

People generally wear full black and white dresses for funerals to mourn the loss. Avoid wearing complete black as it doesn’t appear to be positive to many people. Avoid dark coloured outfits such as the ones in blues and brown, and try to pick warm coloured ones.

Golden Coloured Outfits 

If you feel that red-coloured outfits don't suit you well, there is always gold as the saviour. It is a luxurious colour, and Chinese people believe that it symbolises wealth. It is a great way to dress up for the Chinese New Year to look like a million bucks.

Here are a few traditional accessories which one can carry during Chinese New Year to make their outfits more meaningful.

Red Envelopes Incorporate a red envelope as an accessory to symbolize good luck and prosperity.
Jade Jewelry Wear jade accessories for protection and positive energy during Chinese New Year.
Tassels and Knots Add tassel earrings or bracelets with traditional Chinese knots for a touch of cultural significance.
Fan Carry a beautifully decorated Chinese fan featuring traditional motifs for both practicality and cultural charm.
Embroidered Handbags Opt for handbags with intricate Chinese embroidery, showcasing festive patterns and symbolic characters for luck and wealth.

Laundry Service for Traditional Chinese Costume in Singapore

Wearing a traditional outfit for Chinese New Year celebrations is a custom followed religiously. Whether you are at home welcoming guests or visiting friends and family, you want to look the part by choosing the best traditional clothes. For washing and dry cleaning of your clothes, simply book a laundry service on the Sendhelper app or website and get your clothes ready well in advance of the New Year’s Eve. Our shortest turnaround time will ensure you are never late to the party!

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