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This Local Startup Brings Gym to Your Home

July 14, 2021

In conversation with the founders of Hustle Hut Singapore, a well-equipped mobile gym for busy professionals launched recently shares their entrepreneurial journey so far and the prospect of gym-on-wheels and similar on-demand home services in a post pandemic world.

Meet Alexandar Loo and Zhi Yuan Teng!

Alexander Loo (on the left) and Zhi Yuan Teng (on the right)

Please tell us about yourself.

Alex: I have an athletics background and represented Singapore when I was younger. I continued training and competing in Australia when I was completing my bachelors degree. I coached kids from a basketball academy in Australia and that was my first stint in group classes. Returning to Singapore, I was in corporate and took up a Certified Personal Trainers Course with National Council of Strength & Fitness so that I can learn more about the trade and acquire knowledge for my own training program.

Zhi Yuan: I have been a sporty person since my younger days. I still try my best to engage in competition. I have experience coaching kids in soccer as soccer is my first love.

While working as a Project Manager, I went to take up the Certified Personal Trainer Course with National Council Of Strength & Fitness to ensure that I have the right knowledge and skills to plan for my clients and my own training.

What is Hustle Hut Singapore? When did you launch it?

Alex: Hustle Hut Singapore is a mobile gym where we bring training equipment to our clients and work with them to assist them to attain their fitness goal. Our aim is to incorporate fitness training into their lifestyle so that it can be sustainable and fun.

Zhi Yuan: We launched Hustle Hut in March 2021.

How did you come up with the idea of mobile fitness training?

Zhi Yuan: The idea came to mind while Alex and I were training at a public gym in early 2020. Our gym routines were repeatedly disrupted by having to wait for others to finish using the machines or equipment during peak hours after work.

To improve efficiency and convenience, we thought about getting our own equipment in a vehicle so that we could easily utilise the gym equipment whenever we wanted to get a workout in.

Alex: With the vast number of busy working professionals in Singapore, we realised that we could provide this same service to those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle but have little time to spare for it. By training them at their preferred location, we will be helping them save on the time spent travelling to a gym and we’ll fit right into their busy schedules.

What makes you different from traditional fitness centres?

Zhi Yuan: I think the key difference is the element of convenience that we bring, “we bring the gym to you”. Clients can enjoy the luxury of working out on their front porch or in the comfort of their own homes.

What are some of the challenges as well as successes you had in this entrepreneurial journey?

Alex: The first challenge we faced was finding a vehicle that was suitable to accommodate the equipment that we needed for Hustle Hut. We only had enough capital for a second hand vehicle and it took much longer than expected to find one that fit our budget. 

The next challenge we faced was with client scheduling as the both of us had full-time jobs when we first started. With most of them requesting for their sessions after work hours, this meant that Zhi Yuan and I had to work extra long work days. It was only after 3 months of juggling two jobs that I quit my full-time job to focus on building Hustle Hut. It has been really fulfilling to grow the brand and watch our clients progress since they started training with us.

How has the current Covid-19 regulations affected your business?

Alex: We needed to stop our partner/buddy sessions for a short period of time due to the restrictions. However, we also saw an increase in the number of enquiries during this period as people were less keen to head out or go to public gyms where they had to share gym equipment.

How cautious are customers in hiring personal trainers during these times? What do you do to allay their safety concerns?

Zhi Yuan: They are sceptical as they are concerned about the cleanliness of the equipment. Hustle Hut has also worked to address these concerns by emphasising on the importance of wiping down and sanitising the equipment that we use before and after every client. Our trainers also have their masks on during the class as per the recommended guidelines of our government.

What has the Covid-19 pandemic taught you?

Alex: It taught us the importance to adapt and change when we need to. If we focus too much on the problem at hand instead of working towards a solution, nothing will change and we will be stuck without making any progress. Covid-19 has been tough on not just Hustle Hut but on every single one of us here; let’s work together to get past this pandemic.

How do you plan to grow your business and how are you preparing for the future?

Alex: With more people concerned about heading to crowded places post-pandemic, we believe that on-demand home services will see an uptick in demand as it is a safer option.

What is that one take-away message you would like to share with us as local entrepreneurs?

Zhi Yuan: It is always daunting to step out of your comfort zone, but as soon as you decide to, give your 100% and you will have no regrets.

For booking a personal fitness training trial session with the Hustle Hut, you may visit here. You can request for a female trainer, if you prefer.

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