Traditional Local Singapore Snacks You Must Try

October 8, 2021
Local Singapore Snacks

Singaporeans are generally ardent food lovers, and the local dishes of our country are popular across the globe. Many Singaporean snacks are rich in tradition and history, and those are a very important part of our food culture. Most travellers who also visit Singapore come with an idea to explore the local tastes as much as they can. Here is the list of a few popular traditional local Singapore snacks you can munch on.

Easily Available Local Singapore Snacks

Curry Puff

Local Singapore Snacks: Curry Puff

Curry puff is made by wrapping chunks of chicken, sliced eggs cooked with curry spices, and potatoes in a layer of pastry. It is a definite go-to snack for both Singaporeans and travellers, especially for those who would like to try out the country’s special tastes. Old Chang Kee’s curry puff in Singapore has been famous for more than sixty years now. It is also one of the most favourite snack brands of many people. The Frozen Mini Curry Puff of this place is very famous and therefore many food bloggers recommend it.


Local Singapore Snacks: Popiah

If you are someone who is looking for a way to make your child eat more veggies while on your travels, popiah could be a great choice. This snack is made by wrapping a variety of vegetables in a thin soft crepe. The vegetables are mixed with a mixture of sweet sauces that will treat your taste buds well. Popiah is originated from Fujian province, and it has turned out to be an unavoidable part of every hawker stall.

Kaya Toast

Local Singapore Snacks: Kaya Toast

Kaya toast is a snack that originated from Hainanese chefs who worked on British ships during the 1900s. Soon, many coffee shops started selling this snack, which led to the beginning of one of the most famous local snacks in the island city. Kaya toast is mainly charcoal-grilled or toasted slices of bread, and it is served with green kaya paste and slabs of cold butter. It is also paired with a couple of soft-boiled eggs and a cup of kopi or teh,. It makes for a great breakfast. The local tea break joint called Toast Box in Singapore is famous for its kaya toast.

Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa is a dish that is familiar to most Singaporeans. It is barbecued sliced pork and is commonly made during Chinese New Year. The dish is adapted from the Chinese diaspora from the 19th century and it is made from a special charcoal-grilling method to give it a lingering smoky taste. Bak Kwa is a finger-licking snack for many Singaporeans, and they make a lot of it during the National Day festivities.

Ang Ku Kueh

Ang Ku Kueh

This dish is also commonly called red tortoise cakes, and they are often made during joyous festive celebrations in Singapore. They believe that the dish signifies longevity and blessing for everyone. The original version of this dish is prepared by filling it with mung bean paste. However, there are a lot of modified versions of this local snack one can get from Singapore, and you can find them in a variety of colours and flavours like black sesame, coconut and even durian.

Kueh Lapis Sagu

Local Singapore Snacks: Rainbow Lapis

This dish comprises of nine different colours. It is a favourite choice for kids. It is also called rainbow lapis, and you can peel the dish layer by layer if you want. The stack of layers of this dish is made with a lot of time and effort, and the dish is worth all the dedication one put into making it. It is one of the oldest and traditional kuehs.

Keuh Tutu

This dish is popularly known for its soft and pillowy texture and is one of the most famous local dishes of the island city. The dish has been around in Singapore since the 1930s and is regarded as a traditional delicacy by Singaporeans as well as visitors. This dish is prepared using finely pounded rice flour and it is mainly filled either with grounded peanut or grated coconut. Several flavours are now introduced to the dish - you can even have a chocolate flavour, which is a favourite for kids.

Ondeh Ondeh

Local Singapore Snack: Ondeh Ondeh

This glutinous rice ball dessert is prepared by filling it with gula melaka and topping it after with slightly salted coconut. The origin of the snack is from Java and has travelled a long way to Singapore between the 1950s - 1960s. The dessert is chewy and sweet and easily pleases your taste buds.

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Local Singapore Snacks: Pandan Chiffon Cake

Pandan Chiffon Cakes are light and fluffy chiffon cakes that have the heart of every Singaporean and tourist. CNN crowned this cake as the country’s national cake. Pairing the cake with a cup of tea is the best thing most people do during their snack time.


One can have Milo either as a drink or snack and that is exactly the advantage of beverages in Singapore. The brand features various athletes on their packaging, and it has got quite a big fan following. This chocolate malt beverage is made in Singapore and the taste is unique.

Wafer Ice Cream

Everyone in Singapore loves munching on wafers with flavours from raspberry to vanilla, and it must be one of the most favourite childhood memories of many people. Even though ice cream carts are now a rare sight in the island city, you can still get them in stores as they come with several flavours.


Local Singapore Snack: Satay

One can find numerous satay stores selling different types of meat on a stick that is paired with savoury peanut sauce. Satays are usually served in sharing platters for mostly a group of people. It is a perfect dish for people who organize mini-barbeque gatherings at their homes. Marinated pork satay sticks are great choices for people who like to munch on non-vegetarian snacks. You can also choose between skewered meats like chicken and beef. 

These are not all, there are plenty more snacks you must try. We will bring you more in our upcoming articles. Tell us your favourite traditional local Singapore snacks.

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