Sendhelper - How Black Friday became the massive sale you enjoy today!

How Black Friday became the massive sale you enjoy today!


It’s that time of the year! Great massive discounts to be enjoyed! The prime time for you to get the shirt you’ve been eyeing for a while now. It’s the time of the year after Thanksgiving where you give more thanks for all the cost savings you enjoy! Black Friday is here! Yet have you ever wondered how did Black Friday become Black Friday?

Since the 19th century, retailers in America have been rolling out mega discounts the 2 days after Thanksgiving. You definitely can imagine, how the crowds would rush to stores for these discounts. Traffic was immense. Amidst the chaos, some thieves make use of this opportunity to shoplift. As you would guess, the police force had to continue working through their Thanksgiving holiday. The Philadelphia Police Department began to refer to the 2 days after Thanksgiving as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Black Saturday’ because of the immense workload they had to face while everyone enjoyed their holiday. These terms soon caught on in Philadelphia and spread to the rest of America.

Despite efforts to change it to “Big Friday” to eliminate negative connotations, Black Friday still stuck with the crowd. So how did Black Friday come to evoke great excitement within the masses the way it did today? Well, in the 1980s retailers decided to place focus on ‘red to black’ concept, that Black Friday was the turning point for their profits to reflect positively on them and us, their customers! Many retailers in America also utilise on this period to speak of what they have to offer during the Christmas season which starts almost instantly after Thanksgiving holidays.

Today, Black Friday has spread across the globe. Different countries have their own cultural take on this day such as the 11/11 Sales otherwise known and Singles’ Day for Asian consumers. After the huge sales and cost savings you have enjoyed, you are eager to put on your new clothes bought. It is advisable by immunologists that you wash your new clothes thoroughly before wearing them. This is beneficial for your health as finishing chemicals used to tackle wrinkle resistance, flammability and microbial attacks of cotton fibres are carcinogenic and bad for your health. In Singapore, there are laundry services available which picks up your laundry from your doorstep and returns the cleaned clothes to you at your home. These laundry services include the usual washing of laundry and dry cleaning of your clothes, ensuring that your new (and old) clothes are in the best states.

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Singapore. However, you still get to enjoy the largely discounted prices of different items through the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. At Sendhelper, we would like to see your houses at their best states after festivities. In addition to laundry services, Sendhelper also provides a range of household services such as cleaning, aircon servicing and maintenance services, handyman services and more. This weekend, enjoy 50% off for 2 jobs completed from 24 November 2018 to 26 November 2018. Available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, book the household services you need this weekend now! Terms and Conditions apply.

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