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August 4, 2019

Life in Singapore is fast paced. Wake up, Dress up and Show up, is the daily struggle of every individual. The ‘working professional’ is running against the clock always and rightly so, as much as he/she loves to dress up to impress, he/she hates doing laundry by the end of the week. To decide between enjoying the spare time and doing laundry leaves everyone in a pretty pickle. You shouldn’t, however, be bothered as you have choices galore to do laundry in Singapore. The best and easiest way is to outsource it to a professional laundry service provider. Simple!

There are plenty of outsourcing options you can choose from. Traditionally, there have been laundry shops around central business district and neighbourhoods. You may not find it economical considering the inconvenience of lugging the laundry around.

On-demand laundry service.

Did you know that laundry service in Singapore has taken a new turn? Driven by technology, sendhelper’s on-demand laundry services allow you to meet laundry needs through an app on the go.

We have built a network of pre-screened laundry companies island-wide providing them with technological logistics solutions and thereby enabling them to pick-up and deliver laundry at your doorstep at a time chosen by you while ordering the service.

You maybe a business traveller looking for fast laundry service or a resident, whoever you are, sendhelper ensures a hassle-free laundry experience in Singapore at lowest prices.

Convenient and Economical

Convenience and a cheaper price tag alone shouldn’t get the better of reliability and quality because in the end of the day your expensive clothes suffer and nobody would be impressed. This is where sendhelper has an upper hand over the traditional neighbourhood laundromats since the terms and conditions are laid in black and white in digital form.

Available island-wide

Whether you stay near the Changi Airport or by the Biopolis in Buona Vista, you will find a service provider through our platform. Schedule your laundry on the app and let us take care of it without you losing sleep over it.

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