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August 4, 2019

Life today has become a balancing act with multiple responsibilities in both the work and the home front. Long busy work days can result in household chores like laundry piling up, resulting in little time to do things that make life enjoyable. With our Laundry Pickup Service Singapore you can make time for more important things in life.

We at Sendhelper have a single-minded focus on offering services that help in reducing the burden for busy individuals. Our on-demand Laundry Pickup Service makes sure that you can take care of the household laundry without having to spend hours on the job.

Sendhelper’s laundry solutions is end-to-end –from pick-up, cleaning, ironing to delivery – all this, with a just a couple of taps on our app.

Ease Your Life with Sendhelper Pick Up Laundry Service

Our demanding lifestyle requires juggling of many things at the same time - thankfully there are options like Sendhelper’s Laundry Pickup Service in Singapore that help ease the strain of hectic modern life:1. On Demand Convenient service: You can order a pick up easily through our app-based service which instantly connects you with our verified suppliers, who will also deliver once the order is accepted and completed

2. Free delivery : There are no charges for pick-up or delivery! You just pay the charges for the actual laundry service

3. Prescreened Suppliers : We prescreen suppliers to ensure that they are trained, experienced and trustworthy. This guarantees that everything is done with care and you will have clothes cleaned and ironed flawlessly, ready for use.

4. Professional Service: The laundry cleaning is handled by trained professionals which ensures that with our Laundry Pickup Service in Singapore you need have no worries on the quality and reliability of services offered by them.

5. Transparent processes : The app-based service makes sure that nothing is hidden from you. The prices, the supplier progress and delivery process are all available in the app so no surprises .

6. Legal and Insured :All jobs are insured to the extent of S$1 million so you are rest assured that you will not lose out even in the rare chance anything goes wrong

7. Eco-friendly practices: Our suppliers use the best products and processes so your clothes are not harmed or damaged in any way

The Simplicity of Sendhelper Service

With just a few taps on our app, your laundry will be done, that too picked up and delivered to your home so you don’t even have to leave your home!

The process is really simple for our Laundry Pickup Service in Singapore. Keep aside the clothes you wanted laundered and then make a request on our app. Once you put in a request on the app with a pick-up time, one of our vetted suppliers will accept it. The pick-up person on arrival will inventory the clothes and issue a receipt to you.

After that you can track the progress of your job on the app and once done, the supplier via the app, will ask for a delivery time convenient to you. Just put in the time and wait for the arrival of your freshly laundered clothes!

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