Late Summer Cleaning Activities: What to Do to Wind Up the Summer at Home?

May 25, 2022
Summer cleaning activities

We all are tiding over the summer of this year with a few of us enjoying the sunny days and lazy evenings and others beating the summer heat. The long summer days will wind down in no time and cleaning everything together after the summer could lead to extra stress. Doing late summer cleaning activities is something that will help us far more than we think, and starting it early is the key to doing it efficiently without rush and stress. 

Here are some things you will have to take care of during summer cleaning at your home. 

Late Summer Cleaning Activities for Your Home

Clean the Outdoors 

Late summer is a good time to finish off outdoor cleaning tasks - you can do the cleaning in the early mornings and during evenings close to sunset so that you can soak up some vitamin D too!. When it comes to outdoor cleaning, scrub the grill and make it ready for storage. Wash the exterior and paved areas of your home using a spray nozzle. You can also use a pressure washer instead. Make sure that you clean all the outside windows and screens and clean the yard by picking up unwanted items such as toys. Make sure to wash all the vehicles at your home as well. Another important thing to take care of is the storage of pool toys - store them in closed containers with lids to keep dirt and dust away. 

Do the Basic Home Maintenance 

Summer cleaning will help us to keep our homes fresh and clean. However, there are more things to do when you do it as a routine cleaning at home. Make sure that you check all the windows for cracks and gaps while doing late summer cleaning activities. Also, check for cracks in seals and replace the damaged seals if you find any. 

Clean the Air at Your Home 

Most of us would be keeping the doors and windows closed with air conditioners working during the summer to beat the heat. Too much dirt, dust, and other pollutants will get into our homes and get trapped, which will make room for suffering for people with asthma and allergies. Late summer is a good time to remove all allergens from our homes as there will be too much of it by the end of summer. 

One of the unavoidable things in late summer cleaning activities is to clean at home is the ceiling fans. They trap a lot of dust and dirt inside our rooms over time during summer and a little of it gets into the air we breathe each time. Get rid of the dust by wipe cleaning the blades of fans in every room using old pillowcases. You also use a microfibre cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to do this. Follow by vacuuming the dust that falls onto the floor.

Here is how you can clean ceiling fans at your home without trouble.

Another important thing to take care of is to change the HVAC filter inside our homes; you will also have to make sure to check the HVAC system. Changing the HVAC filters will restrict the passage of dust, dirt, and pollen into our homes. It will also increase the efficiency of the cooling/heating system. 

Chores to Not Forget While Doing Summer Cleaning 

We will always have several tasks on our checklist when it comes to late summer cleaning activities, but here are some must-cleans to make our spaces fresh and healthy by the end of summer. 

Clean the curtains and rugs: Remove the curtains from every room, throw the used rugs into the washing machine and dry them properly in sunlight.

Deep clean bathrooms and kitchen: It is important to focus on areas we don’t clean regularly such as the areas behind the toilet, shower curtains, kitchen cabinets, and the area behind the refrigerator. Late summer is also a good time to clean out junk cabinets and drawers and give those a makeover.

Do not miss floors and carpets: The carpets of our home will gather dust, dirt, pollen, and even mold on their surface. Hence it is important to give all your carpets a deep cleaning by the end of summer. Also, make sure to sweep and mop the floor including the areas behind the furniture, refrigerator, and areas that you usually miss during routine cleaning.

Clean all the doors and frames: Dust and clean areas like the top of all doors and windows. You can use an all-purpose cleaner to clean dirt and grime from the doors.

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