Kitchen Sink Installation: Things to Consider Before Buying a Kitchen Sink at Home

August 26, 2022

Are you looking for an aesthetically pleasing sink to replace the old stainless steel kitchen sink you’ve been using for many years? Kitchen sink installation will give your kitchen a brand new look, whether or not it is a solo project.

Your kitchen sink is where you handle several tasks like filling large pots and containers with water, washing dishes, and so on. For the same reason, you must look at all the features and installation considerations before getting a kitchen sink at home. If you’re clueless about it, we’re here to help you think of those important things while going for a kitchen sink upgrade.

What to Consider Before Installing a Kitchen Sink

Style of Your Kitchen Sink 

The practical functions of a kitchen sink are of utmost importance, but a sink also adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen. It is why a sink's style is of consideration for most people. Undermount kitchen sinks help to impart an upgraded, sleek and smooth look in addition to having the benefit of getting more countertop space when compared to drop-in kitchen sinks. Apron-front kitchen sinks are a staple, just like a farmhouse kitchen style. You can find smooth and glossy stainless steel apron kitchen sinks and concrete apron sinks that suit modern kitchens. 

If you are on the lookout for a statement sink for your kitchen, go for one made of copper or natural stone. A copper sink is likely to develop a patina over time with use, so the sink will look different with time. Enamelled fireclay kitchen sinks offer a variety of colour variants - why don’t you think of getting a bold-coloured kitchen sink to make a statement?

Configuration of Kitchen Cabinets 

If you consider getting a new sink by keeping the kitchen cabinets as such, the present cabinet configuration is something you should keep in mind while selecting a new sink. For instance, kitchen sinks made of cast iron and fireclay are heavy. Hence, you would need extra reinforcements if your cabinets cannot take the challenge. Your present cabinets should have room to accommodate the width and depth of the new sink you like to install. 

Sizing of the Kitchen Sink 

You need to consider the size of a sink while choosing it to accommodate it well. Trying to get a sink of the same type and size as your previous sink by making a few modifications and adjustments is an easy option if you’re planning to replace your sink. However, if you are doing a complete renovation, you should consider the overall size of the kitchen as well while selecting the sink. Small sinks will get consumed up in large kitchens whereas large farmhouse sinks are likely to swamp a small kitchen. 

You should also consider aspects like the time you spend in the kitchen and the type of cooking activities you do while installing a kitchen sink. If you spend a lot of time baking and cooking, you might have to deal with a lot of dirty dishes. Hence, a big sink will make it easier for you to keep up with them all. A small sink is enough if you rarely cook- they free up more counter space. 

Material of the Countertop

The countertop material is something you must consider while deciding whether you should get a drop-in or under-mount kitchen sink. Undermount kitchen sinks are great choices to go along with countertops made of solid materials such as quartz or natural stone. Install an under-mount sink only if you have a solid countertop material since the edge of the countertop will be exposed. A solid countertop material helps to have a finished look and stand up to water as well. 

Depth of the Kitchen Sink 

The depth of a kitchen sink is something that affects its aesthetics and functionality in addition to the depth and width. Deep sinks can take in large containers and pots, but they are difficult for shorter and taller homeowners to use as they might not be able to reach the bottom of the sink comfortably. Such deep sinks are also difficult to use by seniors in wheelchairs. Another shortcoming of a deep sink is that it reaches into the sink base cabinet and it takes up space for storage, especially if you have installed a garbage disposal there. 

Configuration of Kitchen Sink 

Kitchen sink configuration is yet another thing you should consider while you think of installing a new sink whether that contains one, two or three bowls. Considering how you use the sink most of the time will help you get through the confusion. A deep kitchen sink with a single bowl would be great for washing and filling large containers and pots.

Traditional designs of double-basin sinks feature two bowls of the same size, and it comes with a divider in their middle. If you do a lot of hand-washing of dishes, double-bowl sinks are perfect choices as you can use one for washing and the other for rinsing dishes. Modern designs come with a sink with two bowls of different sizes. 

Triple-bowl kitchen sinks are not as common as the other two because people do not usually prefer to install them as they take up more counter space. The third bowl in a triple-bowl sink is smaller when compared to the other two, making it a great choice as a prep sink. 

Installation of Additional Sink Accessories 

Modern kitchen sinks offer us the possibility of making our kitchen into multifunctional workstations just by installing a few additional features. In kitchen sink installation, installing bottom sink grids helps keep large pots and containers from hitting the sink’s bottom. You can keep several space-saving accessories along the ridges of sinks to hold a drainboard or cutting board to help with food preparation and clean-up. You can also install built-in soap dispensers to access dish soap quickly while rinsing and cleaning.

Ease to Clean Countertops 

Considering how the type of kitchen sink you prefer to get installed affects the overall cleaning of your kitchen is a must to avoid regret later. With an under-mount kitchen sink, cleaning gets easier as you can push the excess water and crumbs into the sink and wipe the countertops easily. Solid surface sinks are also good choices as they allow easy kitchen clean-up because of their smooth and non-porous construction. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Needs of Kitchen Sink 

The kitchen sink requires regular cleaning regardless of the type you choose to install in your kitchen. Some sink types are more forgiving and require low maintenance. Always be considerate and careful while tossing dishes into the sink and cleaning it. 

Here are some common types of sinks along with their cleaning requirements:

Stainless steel kitchen sinks: Stainless steel sinks are more resistant to scratches and depletions, especially if the sink is of a thicker gauge. They are likely to form water spots if you don’t clean and dry them properly and regularly. Though such sinks do not stain much, they scratch and dull with time. 

Fireclay kitchen sinks: Fireclay sinks have a shiny finish; they are non-porous too, making them easy to clean. Though these types of sinks are resistant to scratches and chipping, they can form cracks in the glazing if you have installed garbage disposal.

Natural stone sinks: These types of sinks need regular sealing as they are porous, or else their surface will get stained over time.

Copper sinks: They have the advantage of cutting down on germs as they have natural anti-microbial properties. You can choose to seal the copper to slow down patina formation on their surface, but this happens only at the risk of cutting down their antimicrobial properties. 

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