Keeping a Clean Home When Living with Pets

June 8, 2016

You have to admit that if you have a pet in your home it adds a lot to your cleaning time. Almost all breeds of cats and dogs shed their hair which is a major challenge for any pet owner. Having a pet means that you need an extra hand while cleaning your home. Sendhelper will act as your personal assistant and will lend you the required extra hand for keeping your house clean. Our trained helpers will help you in sweeping and vacuuming the loose hair of your furry friends. Sometimes, it becomes an ordeal to deal with pets and maintain cleanliness at the house.

Problems faced by pet owners:

  • Shedding hair and loose furs from the pets.
  • Untrained pets poop and urinate inside the home.
  • Infections spread by pets.
  • Stains on floor and carpet from the paws.
  • Pet dander that can cause asthmatic problems.

If you have pets at your home, you need to specify that in the comments section while booking our services so that we send the helpers who are trained in the pet keeping. Different pets have different cleanliness issues related to them. For example, if you own a dog you will understand that a dog is not able to clean itself and the owner needs to take care of the hygiene of the dog whereas cats, mostly, take care of their own hygiene. Some people do not opt for pets because of the fear of cleanliness issues related to them. They do not want an extra burden on themselves for maintaining cleanliness and often are forced to hire a personal caretaker of their pets spending a lot of money on it.  You need to apply some ground rules like restricting the entry of your pet to your bed, keeping your pets off carpets to avoid sticking of furs on the linen, fix the area of your pet in your home and makes sure that you stick to your ground rules. These small tips can save a lot of cleaning time while having a pet.

Sendhelper is a one stop solution for all your home chores. We offer a variety of services like home chef services, laundry services and home cleaning services all over Singapore through our trusted suppliers at your doorstep. You can download our app which is available both for android as well as ios platform.

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