In-Home Caregiver: How to Find the Right Candidate

November 18, 2020
In-home caregiver

While hiring an in-home caregiver for your dear ones at our homes, most of us go looking for someone who gets along with them and gives good care to them. Hiring caregivers is not easy, especially when you haven’t hired someone before. 

For you to find someone good at this job, here are the best options you can adopt:

  • Do it all by yourself or,
  • Hire a qualified in-home caregiver through Sendhelper

1. Steps to do it by yourself

Write a Proper Job Description

Writing a perfect job description helps you to find the right candidates who are qualified to give home care to the elderly. For this, you will have to carefully sit and think about the specific needs of your dear ones so that you can add all the tasks you expect the caregiver to do in the job description. 

Making a specific job description will also help you to figure out the total hours of care and flexibility that are needed along with a rough calculation about the payment.

Be Flexible About Pay if You are Hiring Independently

Stating that hourly rates are flexible based on experience while posting the job can help you get more application. It also helps you to get responses from candidates with good experience - and the extra experience is something you will have to pay more. Remember the onus is upon you to judge how good each profile you receive since you do not involve experts in hiring.

Conduct a Thorough Interview

Interviewing a caregiver will give you the chance to seek for more information and an idea about their performance before making a decision. Since you are sourcing for yourself with little experience of hiring an in-home caregiver, you might want to have a brief phone call and an in-person meet up just to be sure you are talking to the right candidate.

Present Your Demands During the Interview

Presenting your demands during the interview helps you to hire a caregiver who is responsible, compassionate, and trustworthy. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions about their experience taking care of older adults. Ask for certification too.

Check the References for Your Caregiver

Even if the person you interviewed seems to be a good caregiver, it is always wise to do all the background checks and call their references. Ask and get to know how they performed on the job and if they would recommend the person for you. You must also check for any criminal records of the person you intend to hire.

2. Hire a Qualified In-home Caregiver through Sendhelper

Sendhelper is a trusted platform for elderly care services in Singapore. Caregivers on our platform are already vetted and verified for experience and reliability. We also conduct multiple background checks for any criminal records.

With Sendhelper, you can skip the tedious process of sourcing, conducting interviews and hiring the best candidate all by yourself. More than 70,000 customers in Singapore trust us. So, save your time and allow us to match you with the perfect in-home caregiver.

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