Ideal Room Temperature for Babies to Sleep Well

December 3, 2020
Ideal room temperature for baby to sleep well

Creating a safe environment for your baby to sleep is as important as keeping your home safe for them. Good sleep ensures a good rest for your baby and prevents all types of sleep accidents like sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). To achieve this, you will have to take the necessary steps to keep your baby’s room cool thereby ensuring a comfortable sleep environment for him/her. The recommended room temperature to set for your baby while they sleep is between 68°F and 72°F. Here are a few things you need to know about the ideal room temperature for babies along with a few tips to dress them well before sleep.

Determining the Ideal Room Temperature for Babies

Setting the ideal temperature for your baby avoids the risk of overheating, which is a reason for SIDS. Even with proper knowledge about temperature setting, it might sometimes be difficult to know whether your baby feels comfortable inside the room. The best way to ensure their comfort is to consider how you feel inside the room. On a general note, if the temperature inside the room is comfortable for you, it is more likely to be comfortable for the baby also.

Babies are seen to be comfortable in the temperature recommended above, especially when they are properly dressed for sleep. Make sure that you don’t overdress your baby with several layers of clothes.

How to Keep the Right Temperature for a Baby's Room?

The best way to keep in check on the temperature is through monitoring your thermostat at home. Turning down the temperature is an effective strategy to keep the space cooler and comfortable. The temperature in different rooms will be different even when the thermostat at your home controls the overall temperature of the entire house. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an indoor thermometer for measuring the temperature of your baby’s room to have a clear idea and set the temperature accordingly.

You can also make your baby sleep inside your room if you are not sure about the variation in the other room. Keep a check on the aircon - make sure that you do regular servicing for it. If it is not working properly, try to know the reasons why your aircon is not cooling your room well.

Tips for Maintaining the Temperature

To maintain an ideal room temperature for babies consider using an extra fan to cut down the risk of overheating. Also, make sure to point it upwards towards the ceiling rather than directing it to the baby. You can also monitor the temperature inside the room by turning the heat up slightly if you are worried about the room being too cold at night.

How to Dress Your Baby Before Sleep?

Many people find it confusing to know the real way to dress their baby before sleep and do it wrong. You should always keep in mind that the way you feel inside the room is very similar to the way your baby feels inside the room. Therefore, you must keep the heavy layers of clothing away. It can lead to excessive sweating, flushing, and heavy breathing. 

Designer sleepwear mostly keeps babies comfortable during the night. Footed pajamas are recommended baby wear for winter night time when compared to choosing pajamas. You can consider choosing lighter pajamas for your baby when summer approaches.

Aircon Maintenance Service by Sendhelper

Regular maintenance of aircon units at home will free you up thinking much about regulating the temperature of your baby’s room. Proper air conditioning helps to keep the room cool enough to ensure proper and comfortable sleep for your baby. Sendhelper, the best aircon service provider offers the expert air conditioning solutions in Singapore. Download the Sendhelper app for regular maintenance of air conditioners.

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