How to Pack Clothes for Moving

March 28, 2024

Though clothes are one of the last things we pack while moving out, they are in the category of items that need the most care. Even if clothes aren’t technically considered fragile items, they can get damaged if they are not packed and handled properly. Note down a few things you need to have to start packing your clothes.

Wardrobe Boxes Invest in wardrobe boxes with a hanging bar for transporting hanging clothes like dresses, suits, and coats. These boxes help prevent wrinkles and make it easy to transfer clothes directly to your new closet.
Vacuum Storage Bags Consider using vacuum storage bags to compress bulky items like winter coats, blankets, and pillows. These bags help save space and keep items clean and protected during transit.
Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap Use packing paper or bubble wrap to wrap fragile or delicate clothing items, such as glass-beaded garments or heirloom textiles, for added protection during the move.

If you have a plan in place and pack all your clothes well, unpacking also becomes much easier. Here are a few useful tips and things to know to make packing clothes for moving house less stressful.

Tips to Pack Your Clothes

Clear Out Your Closet 

The first and foremost step of packing, be it anything, is to declutter. There are plenty of chances for you to find clothes of yours or your family members that you no longer need. Sit through the mess, and sort them separately so that you can give them away to charity or someone else in need. Remember, the more you get rid of it, the less you will have to carry while moving out. You can also use the unwanted clothes to fill up the empty spaces of boxes with fragile items.

Sort the Clothes 

Sorting clothes separately makes packing as well as unpacking easy; moreover, it is also an efficient method. Consider washing and packing seasonal clothes initially - the ones you won’t be using regularly. Organise the rest of your clothes in ways you’re comfortable - by sorting the same type of clothes such as pants, jackets shirts, etc., clothes for occasions, or clothes of the same colour. This might take some time in the beginning, but you’ll surely be glad about doing it in the first place while you go through the unpacking process. Specific clothes can also be found very easily if you do packing this way. 

Organize by Season and Type

Group your clothes based on the season they are typically worn in (e.g., summer, winter) to make unpacking easier. Further categorize your clothes by type (e.g., shirts, pants, dresses) to maintain organization during packing and unpacking. Vacuum storage bags are excellent for compressing bulky items like winter coats, blankets, and pillows, saving space in your moving boxes. Make sure to follow the instructions for properly vacuum-sealing the bags to maximize space-saving benefits.

Keep the Essentials Aside 

Unless you plan to move out and do the unpacking on the same day or the day after packing your clothes, you will need a few essentials for at least a few days, until you unpack easily. Your clothes should be the last item you pack, so keep them aside in a suitcase or bag for the days that will come between the day you pack, move in and unpack. Label this suitcase or bag clearly to not get confused with the rest. 

Make Use of Wardrobe Boxes, Suitcases, and Dresser Drawers

Wardrobe boxes are one of the best choices to pack dresses as you can move your clothes from them to the closet in a matter of minutes. Not even having to take the clothes from hangers is its best advantage. In addition to the easiness wardrobe boxes offer, they also have the advantage of protecting the clothes well while transporting. You will just have to secure the drawers by sticking a few layers of packaging tapes so that it doesn’t open in the transit. 

The next reliable option to transport your clothes safely is by using suitcases. If you have a few already at your place, why spend money buying more boxes to pack your dress? Suitcases are also too good for transporting heavier items such as shoes, handbags, and similar accessories while you do a move-out. 

Hire a Packing Assistant if Necessary

If packing your clothes seems like an unconquerable task to you or members of your family, or if you don’t have the time to dedicate to it, you can hire an assistant to help pack your clothes for moving out.

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