A Guide to determine how often you should wash clothes

March 7, 2016

Washing machines need instructions but deciding when to wash your clothes needn’t. More often than not, we go by the rule of thumb: if the smell is too strong to stand, the cloth deserves a wash. Being said that, we all have wondered what would be a reasonable number of times to wear clothes before it goes to the laundry master. Here is a quick guide explaining how often you should wash different articles of clothing; only the most popular are featured here.

  1. Jeans
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  1. Men can never live without jeans; we don’t know about women. Recently, the Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh has revealed while taking part in a green conference that he hasn’t washed his pair of jeans for a year. The entire mankind was jaw-dropped. He had his reasons but we think it’s best to wash it after four to five times of use especially if you stay in a tropical region like Singapore where you sweat a lot under the sun. Nicolas Garcia of lifehack.org recommends a cold-water wash so that the denim retains its original colour.
  2. T-shirts/ Shirts
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  1. The answer is obvious. In case you didn’t know, wash it after every use. T-shirts absorb sweat easily and it never really deserves a second go unless it has been worn for a short time in an air-conditioned room.You might be thinking whether regular washing of t-shirts wears them out and make it stretchy. If it goes into a washing machine, set the program to ‘gentle-wash’ or better still hand-wash it.
  2. Dress/ pants/Skirts
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  1. We really didn’t know how often dress pants/skirts be washed. We trusted our instincts; they were washed when we thought it had to be washed -quite lame, though. We asked the fair sex in and around our office space and the most acceptable answer was ‘4-wears’. It’s humid out here. However, you must take it to the nearest laundry/dry cleaning service provider if you happen to spill coffee, wine or juice to remove stains on the same or very next day. It’s now easier than ever to call a laundry service provider through sendhelper app for immediate attention.
  2.  Yoga pants
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  1. Why does yoga pants feature here? Because you wear it! Yoga has become a fad in Singapore and a growing number of people are wearing yoga pants out for a casual stroll, too. Again, these are clothes worn at times of physical activities, as they are really comfortable. However, if you don’t wash them regularly, folks around you may get uncomfortable. So, we suggest you to wash it after every wear.
  2. Pyjamas/Nightwear

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  1. We often overlook pyjamas or nightwear as they are deemed unimportant. They are always kept in the dark and nobody sees you in your pyjamas. Of course, some of us love to sleep in the buff!We have been taught to keep bed sheets and quilt clean and hygienic to prevent skin rashes and acne breakouts. There are plenty of moths and dust collected over time from sweat and dead skin causing allergens to accumulate on the mattress and pillows. Similarly, pyjamas should also be washed for the same reason. Wash it after 2-3 wears.
  2. Jackets
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  1. Jackets are worn over another piece of cloth/dress. Therefore, they need not often go under the grind of washing machines. In fact, you should never wash leather jackets. We think a professional laundry service provider can give it a nice spot cleaning once in a year, no more than that.
  2. Underwear/Socks
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  1. Do we even need to tell you this? Wash it after every single use. Do you know that people with the largest circle of friends are those who brush twice a day and keep their undergarments fresh & clean? (We can only provide you the social proof for this claim).

It is important to know how often to wash different articles of clothing so that they remain fresh and odour-free without damaging the fabric itself. Use a professional laundry/dry cleaning service provider as and when required.

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