Must-Have Tools You Should Have in Your Home Tool Kit

November 17, 2021
Home Tool Kit

Running to the store every time in the middle of a DIY project is something that kills the flow of work and enthusiasm. A good toolkit will help you do simple fixes and repairs with basic screwdrivers and pliers. Almost everything comes with a manual these days, and it can help us with assembling and fixing things at our home. Here is a list of the best tools you should have in your home tool kit to do all the DIY tasks in your space.

Tool Bag

Before we even begin to list out the tools you have to get, let us suggest you buy a fabric tool bag that is lighter than the usual metal toolbox we are used to seeing at our homes. While moving to a new place or while thinking of buying a toolbox, you consider buying a fabric toolbox with an open top that makes the opening easy as well. Tote-like toolboxes are easy to carry too, and many of them come with a lot of pockets on the inside and outside. Tool bags make perfect choices to keep the tools in an easily accessible way. They will also have a bigger compartment to keep bigger tools such as hammers, power drills, etc. 

Now that we have discussed the basics, let us move on to the list of essential tools you should get home for your toolbox.

Tools for Your Home Tool Kit


Home Tool Kit: Screwdrivers

Having good screwdrivers in your toolbox makes several DIY jobs smooth. There are 6-in-1 screwdrivers with real quality and those from brands with 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch heads whose shafts could also be used as a 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch nut driver. These kinds of combination screwdrivers can cover the basic repairing and maintenance works at homes. They also have the advantage of taking up very little space in the toolkit when compared to a set of full-size screwdrivers. 

You will also need to have a set of very small screwdrivers to repair electronics and objects like eyeglasses that have tiny screws. These screws deform quickly, and it is when the use of precision screwdrivers becomes important. A set of those won’t take so much space in your home tool kit because of the fact that they are small.

Utility Knife

Home Tool Kit: Utility Knife

The body of the utility knives mostly do not vary much in their effectiveness, but the utility of their replaceable blade is what matters the most. There are many brands that sell good-quality blades for utility knives; you can replace the blades without even having to use a screwdriver. Foldable utility knives are convenient to use too as you can open them by flicking and shut them with just a hand. It also gets locked securely and comes with a good-quality coating that prevents rusting for years. Some of them have a built-in gut hook to cut plastic strings and ties without even having to open the knife.

Measuring Tape

You can choose to buy measuring tapes that are less prone to bending and collapsing while you extend them across an object or room. Pick the ones you can extend straight through the air for at least 14 feet before it falls, and without needing someone to prop up the other end of the tape. Small measuring tapes of 16 feet length and a big one with 25 feet length are good choices for your tool kit. Make sure that you buy measuring tapes that are marked in standard units.


Pliers are going to be one of the tools in the toolkit that would be needed the most. Therefore, you should not avoid getting a good set of pliers. You would need large tongue-and-groove pliers for plumbing and repairing large pipes. Cutting pliers usually go through almost everything, and it can save your sanity if you have children who pack their toys in ties while playing. Needle nose and slip joint pliers are catchall tools that could save your time and energy while doing DIY tasks at home.

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer comes with the necessary features such as a smooth head and it helps in general uses at your home. It is a perfect tool to handle most tasks as they come with a curved claw that helps to pull out unwanted nails. Claw hammers with straight rip claws is a bit more versatile, but it is of less use for most people.


Shears become useful for jobs that could break or jam up regular scissors on use, especially while doing jobs like cutting rug pads or cutting thin wood shingles. They are handier as compared to wire cutters.

Power Drill and Drill Bits

A power drill of 12V is a good choice to do most tasks at our homes. However, you will need one of an 18V or 20V just in case we have to drill a half-inch hole to wall studs and mount heavy shelving units or sound systems. 

All small jobs become easier if you drill out holes before driving screws and bolts into walls. The drill bits come with a black oxide coating that reduces friction, fastens drilling and prevents rusting. Drill bits are perfect choices for general use. They can be used on wood, fibreglass, metals, plastics, and wallboards.

Stud Finder

Mounting heavy things on the wall would require you to do it to the vertical structural pieces of wood behind the wall. It means that one will have to find them without being able to see where they are. Stud finders can help you in such situations, because they will light up when they pass over a stud when held and rubbed against the walls, making it easy for you to know where to drill.

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