Home Repairs: Things You Need to Fix at Home Before Christmas

December 17, 2020
Home repairs before Christmas

Most often, we would be investing a lot of time to maintain things at home in good condition. But chances are there that we miss a few things that are approaching a breakdown and invite danger. This is why we all should prioritize home repairs by fixing the things in our space to eliminate problems much before they arise, and save our time and hassle.

Year-end is the time when we welcome guests home to party and stay with us for the Christmas season. Therefore, you need to check on a few things to ensure everyone’s safety before inviting friends and family home. Here are a few things you should consider fixing either by yourself or by hiring a professional handyman for home repairs:

Washer Hoses to Avoid Flooding

Since the washing machine will be working more than usual when guests come over and stay at our place, it will be good that you check on the machine’s hoses. Make sure the connections are done properly. Also, see that there are at least four inches of clearance between the back of the machine and water connection. This will let the hose to not kink. Inspect for cracks and leaks at the connection point, and replace the hoses with the ones that are made of stainless steel if they are more than five years old.

The Coils of Your Refrigerator

The coils behind and under the refrigerator attract dust, debris, and pet hair. Unclean coils can also block the flow of air and make the refrigerator work harder. This can result in decreased life span and efficiency of the refrigerator. Cleaning the coils of your refrigerator will help minimize the energy consumption and improve cooling capacity. 

You can use a refrigerator coil brush to wipe the dirt off from the coils. Certain models would have its coils encased and they would not require any cleaning. For the other kinds of models, cleaning the coils twice a year is advised.

Sliding Doors at Your Home

Patio sliding doors can sometimes get stuck when their track gets clogged with debris and jam its wheels. Make sure that you fix the problem before you or one of your guests accidentally break its handle that tugs on the door. 

Remove the door from the track and pull off the stile cover that keeps the panels from lifting out. Pull the bottom of the door after lifting it, clean the door track, wheels, and its bottom using soapy water. Wipe away the dirt, and replace it after it becomes completely dry. Spray silicone lubricant on the door’s track and slide it a few times to spread it out across the track.

Dryer Lints

Cloth dryers can cause fire at home more often because of lint formed in the trap, the vent and area around the dryer. See if your clothes take too much time to dry than usual or if the dryer is too hot to touch -  then, the vent may be blocked. 

You can start cleaning the vent by unplugging the dryer and uncoupling its connector to the wall. Replace the connector even if it is slightly vented or kinked. Use the vent-cleaning rods and brush to clean the vent, and push and pull them both to clean the vent properly. Make sure that you remove the exhaust grille and clean it. Also remove the front panel of the dryer to clean its inside, mostly the lint that gets accumulated near to the heater element box.

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