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August 4, 2019

If you feel physically drained while washing and cleaning your clothes and want to escape this ordeal you perform every week then we bring to you the best home laundry service in Singapore,Sendhelper!

SendHelper is a user friendly platform that provides help in day to day chores. Our quality laundry services help you in getting your clothes cleaned in an easy and affordable way. We have an easy to use, dedicated mobile app that you can use as your personal assistant to make your life easier. With the tap of just few buttons you can book your service and we will be at your doorstep at your desired time to pick up your laundry.

Our home washing services ensure that you don’t have to carry a big bag of laundry around to get your laundry done. Our services include washing the clothes, cleaning, ironing and folding them to provide you stainless and wrinkle free clothes for your perfect day. SendHelper is one stop solution for all your laundry related issues. We ensure that our suppliers go through various quality checks to be assured of the services we are providing to our customers. The skilled workers and advanced washing machines make sure that the quality of your clothes does not get effected in the process of washing and cleaning. The quality of your clothes are our concern and we constantly try to improve the quality of our services.

How do we do it?

  • 1. Download the app Download our user friendly app available both for android users and apple users.
  • 2. Request your service SendHelper provide a wide range of services including cleaning, cooking, laundry and dry cleaning. Request the service from our app and fill in the expected time of pickup of your laundry from your doorstep.
  • 3. Schedule the delivery Schedule the delivery of your clean, ironed and folded clothes at your doorstep at your desired time. Sit back and relax in the meantime while our professional suppliers perform the job for you.

Reasons to trust SendHelper, the premium home laundry service providers in Singapore:

  • 1. Free pickup and delivery We offer the benefit of free pickup and delivery services at your doorstep. We understand that time is of utmost importance and we care every bit to save your time by our express services. We aim at enhancing the convenience factor for our customers.
  • 2. Secured payment option You can pay through your credit card with the help of the inbuilt payment gateway in our dedicated app. Cashless payment ensure the secured payment.
  • 3. Eco- friendly laundry Our suppliers have well trained staff of washers who use ecofriendly detergent while washing clothes to increase the life span of your clothes and maintain the quality of the fabric of your clothes.
  • 4. Budget friendly At SendHelper, we do not charge any hidden costs and our services are the most affordable quality services on the island.

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