3 Reasons to Hire a Home Chef for Christmas Party for a Great Holiday Experience in Singapore

January 1, 2023

Being able to enjoy a customisable holiday experience during the Christmas and new year season in Singapore is indeed a blessing for many of us. If there is one thing, we have to worry about all the time during the festive season, it is what to cook for family and friends and what you need to keep restocking in your kitchen. Preparing meals for your family and friends when they come over during Christmas or New Year is a time-consuming activity. Of course, we know how tired one can get after one gets done with most (sometimes, all) of the cooking. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to have many family members or just your date over for Christmas, entrusting a professional home chef for a Christmas party will always be rewarding, we tell you!

We have jotted down a few Christmas specialties which is a must-have for your Christmas table!

Gingerbread Cookies Classic spiced cookies, perfect for shaping and decorating.
Peppermint Hot Chocolate Rich cocoa infused with peppermint, topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes.
Roasted Turkey with Herb Butter Juicy turkey roasted with a flavorful blend of garlic, thyme, rosemary, and sage-infused butter.
Cranberry Orange Sauce Tangy cranberry sauce with a citrus twist from orange juice and zest.
Eggnog Creamy and spiced holiday drink made with eggs, milk, nutmeg, and optional bourbon.

We would want to customise everything on the table initially without understanding how tricky the whole process can get. You will have to juggle between plenty of activities such as cleaning, decorating and setting up your home for Christmas, cooking and serving according to the preference of your guests. So, we suggest you the best solution- hire a home chef for a Christmas party at your home in Singapore.

Here, we have compiled a few more perks on why you should hire a personal chef for some time at home on your most-awaited Christmas holidays. Read them all and take the weight off your shoulders because just like everyone else, you deserve to enjoy the holiday season every bit. 

Enjoy More Family Time Without Having to Worry Constantly

Having to enjoy a good time with family and loved ones is what is special about Christmas day for most of us. If you have a professional chef at home to cook on one such day, you can let yourself enjoy much more without having to carry a lot inside your head. You don’t have to worry and keep tracking the time about what you have kept in the oven or stove. We understand that holiday time is precious, and it is exactly what everyone craves because you will get to spend time playing games, watching movies together, enjoying traditions, and going out to watch the Christmas cheer on the streets at night. 

Also, we won’t forget to tell you the useful bits while we talk about something in our guides- if you think you are not a genius in the kitchen, don’t test your limits during the holiday as it will exhaust you. You wouldn’t want to serve your family and friends meals worrying about the quality of the meals, would you?

Reasons to Hire a Home Chef for Christmas Party

Choose from a Wide Variety of Cuisines Available 

Holiday meals are also a time for enjoyment for the entire family. Indulging in delicious food and yummy treats. If you are planning to enjoy Christmas in Singapore this time, you don’t have to stress over every meal. You can book the service of a professional home chef for Christmas party from the most trusted service provider in Singapore, Sendhelper. Our cooking service starts at just $22 per hour and you will get to choose what they can prepare for Christmas from a wide range of cuisine choices available.

Don’t you think it is a perk to enjoy restaurant-style food during Christmas when there are guests at home and that too, without having to step out of our comfort zones? You can hire a personal chef to prepare extra delicious meals at your home just by downloading the Sendhelper app. If you are a health freak and don’t prefer to eat outside and are particular about serving healthy home-cooked food for guests, there is no better option than this! 

A Hired Chef Will Meet Your Personal Needs With Food

A private chef will adjust meals according to individual needs. For instance, if you do not like some ingredients in your food which they usually use while preparing it, you can tell them. Catering to the dietary restrictions of your guest is indeed something you will have to do, and you might need to remember all of that. Sometimes, it feels very overwhelming to check and keep track of everything when you have to engage in large-scale cooking too. This is one of the top reasons why many people prefer to hire personal cooks during festive seasons like Christmas and New Year. Entrust a professional chef to keep note of all those while you hire them and you will be a lot relieved. 

Being Able to Enjoy Restaurant Style Food 

You will be able to enjoy tasty meals just like what you have from outside, but without the addition of any tastemakers and compromising on your health. Having high-quality meals without having to spend any time worrying or working on them is a perk you can enjoy only when you hire a personal cook. They will make sure that the dishes will be presented and served wonderfully to your family and friends just like how you see it in high-end restaurants and eateries in Singapore. 

If you worry about hiring a personal cook that will be viable, trust us. It doesn’t matter what kind of holiday celebrations you are going to have at your home or how many people are about to come over for the holiday season, Sendhelper has a menu for it all. Is there still any reason for you to not try our cooking service during this festive season after hearing about all these benefits? We don’t think so!

You can take a look around our app or website and let us know if you have any questions. Our professionals will be happy to assist you and clarify your doubts while booking our services. If you are looking for other services for the Christmas season such as cleaning, deep cleaning, plumbing, pest control, elderly care or service to run errands, book them by using our app or website.

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