Electricians in Singapore: Important Things Know Before Hiring an Electrician

April 15, 2024

It doesn’t matter whether you’re installing new circuits or rewiring the existing ones at your home, always know what you should consider and ask the electrician before hiring them for a project. From installing canned lighting to setting up new outlets to replacing old panels, we might have a lot of requirements at home that only professional electricians in Singapore can handle.

It is likely that we often find new electricians online every day or get a recommendation. While these could be of great help, it is always safe to interview a few electricians before signing a contract with them. You should make sure that you ask a few necessary questions to ensure that they are reliable.  

How to Evaluate Electricians in Singapore

Ask the Electrician for Licence and Insurance 

The first and foremost thing for you to check about the electrician is that they are bonded, licensed and insured. It is to ensure that both parties involved in the project are under coverage and protection. 

License The most important thing you have to do is check whether the electrician is licensed to do the job. Always take the time to verify your electrician's license before you ask them to engage in any activity.
Insurance Working with an electrician who has insurance coverage protects your home if anything unfortunate happens. Insurance limits of your electrician can vary, but it plays a crucial role in the even an injury occurs during the course of work.

Ask About Your Electrician’s Training Experience

Electricians might have several levels of certification, which are solely dependent on the training and their experience. The type of certification you require will depend on how complex the work is and whether they work alone or as a team. It is always best to check that your electrician has good experience with similar electrical systems installed in your home. 

Ask for At Least Three References 

It’s great if you’re planning to work with a highly recommended electrician. But it is always safe to ask for at least three references. Try to chat and verify with those customers about the electrician's work and communication. Their feedback will go a long way in choosing a reliable electrician.

Ask Whether They Need to Have an Inspection

Check with the electrician for necessary permits and approvals before starting to work on the project. Remember to ask whether they will be covering the legwork. Many top-rated electricians will ask for an inspection and bring all the necessary permits with them, the cost of which they will add to the final quote. There are also service providers like the Sendhelper Electrical Services in Singapore who waive off site visit and inspection charges if the customer agrees to execute the job.

Get to Know About the Kind of Projects Most Familiar to Them

Some electricians concentrate on working on small residential projects while others might have more experience handling commercial projects. Different electrical problems need different solutions - they often come from different electricians. For instance, it is not a smart idea to hire an electrician who has experience with fixing lights to install a ceiling fan in your apartment. 

Ask Whether any Subcontractors Will Work on the Project 

Most electricians usually work on their home projects until and unless it is a big project that demands many people to work on it simultaneously. Clarify by asking them whether they will have extra people to work with them before you sign the contract. Ask clearly about how many people are likely to accompany your electrician and for how long they are likely to work together on your project. Also, ask whether your liability insurance covers subcontractors. 

Ask About the Kind of Guarantee They Offer 

You should also ask whether there is any kind of protection the electricians offer on their work. Lights and similar outlets will have their warranties, but it is always best to see if you can find an electrician who offers a service warranty. Many reputed electricians offer service warranty.

Get to Know About Their Work Schedule 

Most of us are comfortable with working 9 to 5 a day. However, an electrician might need more flexibility as they deal with multiple projects simultaneously. Clarifying their schedules will be of great help for you to plan your day accordingly. 

Make sure you ask about the timeline of the entire project and the daily work schedule at your place.

You should also ask them whether they will work on extra days or extra evenings and whether they will charge extra for it if the project takes more time to complete than expected.

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