Post Renovation Cleaning: A Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home After Renovation

August 17, 2022

Home renovation days at home always demand a lot of time and attention from us - so are cleaning days that follow renovation. From finding the right contractor to getting open-topped large waste containers, you would be engaged in several tasks and mostly be hustling. Post renovation cleaning- whether it is a massive one or not - is a huge task. However, breaking down deep cleaning tasks can help you go a long way.

Before we discuss what you need to cover while deep cleaning your space after the renovation, we’d like to remind you that successive cleaning takes more time and energy and it is applicable when you’re renovating just a section or more of your home. Huge plus if no one is going to stay at home during construction - you can save a lot of subsequent cleaning.

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Now let’s get to discussing how you can do post renovation cleaning at your apartment.

Steps to Deep Clean a Home After a Renovation Project

Cover the Renovation Areas Completely

You will have to begin by hanging a thick and heavy-duty tarp from the ceiling to the floor to section off the renovation area. Keep the tarp as such until you remove all the waste that comes from renovating your space. You can also use tension rods to hold heavy tarps over large areas. Fine dust will get through the spaces between the tarps. Not to worry, add some adhesive zippers to the tarps to make them airtight. You can also add extra layers of the tarp around areas that would move with sandblasting.

Cover Everything Sensitive in Your House  

Once you have an area regarding the perimeter of the renovating areas, you’d need to protect them. Such areas include windows, hardwood floors, and other belongings. Covering applies to your home’s floors as well - it will save your flooring in case any heavy objects fall on them. You will feel like thanking us for this tip when you realise how much mopping you saved by doing it.

Don’t you also think that it is always better to keep everything covered than to replace stuff after breaking or spoiling them during the renovation period? 

Well, you can cover the flooring using two layers of construction paper. If you’re not planning to remove the window panes early on during renovation, you can cover the windows using the previously mentioned type of tarp. Don’t forget heavy appliances such as your washing machine and refrigerator while using tarps - cover them and place them somewhere far from the renovation zone.

Keep the Indoor Air Clean

You’re most likely to be at war with airborne dust particles. Sometimes, it is going to be a threat to our health, which is why it is crucial to keep the air inside our living space as clean as possible throughout the renovation period. 

Use a HEPA filter and vacuum pumps to clean the indoor air by the end of each day during renovation. Turn on the HEPA filter 24/7 and wash the filter whenever necessary (doing it every two days would be good). 

You can get a HEPA vacuum for rent- they work excellently to trap even the smallest of dust particles. No doubt, this is something your regular vacuum cannot do. The next tip will seem silly while it isn’t - keep the windows of your apartment open and let fresh air flow. Little winds will surely help take some dust away from your home.

Use High-Pressure Washers for Cleaning

Make full use of the power of water to clean your space after renovation. Get a high-pressure washer to clean large areas in a short time. A high-pressure washer is a saviour while cleaning the ceiling, floors, and walls together. You can use them for outdoor cleaning purposes, especially while cleaning the fences or patio floor tiles. 

By getting a power washer, you no longer have to battle with the floors by hand by scrubbing every inch of it. Another perk of cleaning with a high-pressure washer is that you can clean dusty and unclean areas from many metres away. Those who are conscious of all the possible health hazards while cleaning a renovated space can clean all large areas with a pressure washer.

Vacuum the Carpets and Upholstery Thoroughly

Getting out dust particles from curtains, upholstery and curtains is the most difficult when compared to other areas of your home. Removing small dust particles from the aforementioned areas is virtually impossible, so let’s get smart and get a vacuum cleaner. 

A vacuum cleaner does the job of removing dust particles quite easily from all soft surfaces. Make sure to use a narrow nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and go twice over the surface of cushions, mats, carpets, and sofas.

Follow the Top-Down Cleaning Method

A pro cleaning tip we would like to give you any day to clean your apartment is to clean every surface from top to bottom. It is applicable while you clean a space throughout the renovation as well. You might think that there will be a need to dust the walls, but the dust particles will settle on the vertical walls of your home too. Therefore, dust your walls even if you have wallpaper - follow dry dusting to ensure that the wallpaper stays undamaged even after the cleaning. 

You can now move to clean other vertical items that are of high height such as bookshelves, wardrobes, and kitchen cabinets. When we talk about cleaning these surfaces, we also mean cleaning the inside of these drawers and cabinets. You will be able to spot dust even in the tiniest of cracks, so make sure that you clean all the hard-to-reach areas as well. Follow the cleaning by mopping the floors from one wall to another when you get done dusting the vertical surfaces. 

Pro tip: If you cover the flooring of your walkways with a tarp, you will only have to deal with less mopping.

Clean all the Tiny Surfaces

If you enjoy keeping collectables on shelves, you’ve got some extra work to do. Dusting such small statues is not an easy task, so you will have to take some amount of time to clean all the tiny surfaces and keepsakes. Do not skip cleaning the blades of fans, light fixtures, electronic appliances, lampshades, plant pots, furniture, and other embellishments. 

You have heard that the devil is in the details, right? It applies to cleaning too!

There is a Thing About Microfibre Cloths!

Only pick cleaning cloths, mops and pads made of microfibre as they are non-abrasive and light to use. They are also great at trapping dust easily, so get yourself a few microfibre cloths for post-renovation clean-up at home.

Will You Need the Service of Renovation Cleaning Professionals?

Only you can answer this! 

It is more likely for us to feel that we can take care of the deep cleaning after renovation. However, we might also feel like backing out when we see what mess the contractors leave behind after renovation. Most of us won’t have the time and energy to spend on a huge deep cleaning that might go on for days and weeks if we plan to do it without proper tools.  

Booking the service of professional cleaning services to do post-renovation deep cleaning would be a smart move. Our trained professionals will take care of the comprehensive cleaning of your apartment - you can also add special cleaning services upon request. Remember to book for deep cleaning at least a week in advance and choose the add-on services in the app before placing your order.

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