Beginners' Guide to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore in 2024

January 22, 2024

The preparations for Lunar year begin almost a week before in many households who believe in Chinese customs. You must start on the right foot if you haven't celebrated the Chinese New Year yet, especially when you have plenty of things to manage at your place. The way you enter the first week of the lunar year sets the tone for the coming months. Many people now look forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year as they believe that it brings luck, prosperity, and health to their lives. A guide to celebrate the Chinese New Year will certainly help you join the party especially if you are new to Chinese culture.

Here are a few things you can consider doing when you want to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Clean and Arrange Your Living Space 

The first set of preparations at every household begins with cleaning and decluttering their homes. Chinese New Year preparations should begin a week prior, especially if you have a plan to host a party. So you need to do the cleaning on time and avoid procrastination. Get in touch with Sendhelper, your professional cleaning service provider if you lack time to do a deep cleaning at your place. Professionals can do the job with all the perfection, and also save a lot of your valuable time.

Sweeping and cleaning during the beginning of the Chinese New Year are regarded as unlucky and as taboo. Therefore, you must complete the cleaning just before the arrival of the holiday season.

Do the cleaning perfectly, light up and decorate your home Chinese calligraphy paper cuts.

Do the Necessary Shopping

Many businesses in the town would be shutting down during the first few days of the Chinese Year. Therefore, make sure that you stock up the pantry. So many shops would also be having special sales and promotions as part of the season.

Some essentials you should not forget to buy include food, clothing, gifts, lanterns, and candles - these are unavoidable items at any household during the Chinese New Year Season.

Food Shop groceries to prepare meals and dinner for your guests and keep the anticipation of seasonal holiday in mind. Make sure that you get some dumplings too.
Clothing New Year is the time to look the best, so buy new wearables for public celebrations, family get-togethers, and temple visits.
Gifts Since giving gifts to our dear ones is regarded as a part of celebrating the Chinese New Year, you can buy small tokens of love like candles, trinkets, cakes and candies. People exchange their gifts by keeping them inside red envelopes - make sure that you get them too!
Decoratives Buy embellishments to decorate your space, and lanterns and candles to celebrate the lantern festival on the final day of Chinese New Year.

Groom Yourself and Do the Necessary Self-Care

The use of sharp objects during and just after the beginning of Chinese Year is believed to bring bad luck. Therefore, make sure to cut and trim your nails and hair beforehand. You would also want to look your best while guests are at home. Groom yourself up and boost all your confidence by dressing up. 

Settle Your Debts

Repay all the debts you owe to your friends and family before the commencement of Chinese New Year. You must return the borrowed items and reach out to people with friendships that are worn thin. Let go the grudges from the past year and forgive the people who have wronged you to start the new year with a peaceful mind. 

We hope this simplified guide to celebrate Chinese New Year comes handy for our friends who are not accustomed to Chinese traditions but celebrate the occasion nevertheless.

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