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Getting Your Home Ready for Professional Cleaners

May 18, 2015

Most people hire professional cleaning services because they are pressed for time, dislike certain cleaning tasks such as scrubbing the baseboards, or because they have disabilities and physical limitations that make it difficult for them to accomplish certain cleaning tasks. Whatever your reason for retaining a professional cleaning service, you need to prepare a bit in advance to get the most of the cleaning service. Proper planning and communication can ensure that the end results meet your expectations in every way.

Plan and Prepare

While it might appear to be counter intuitive to prepare your home for the professional cleaners to arrive, this step will ensure that the cleaners are able to accomplish the tasks you want them to. Though you do not need to and should not dust and clean the home, you do need to de-clutter and put away things.


Toys on the floor, dirty dishes on the counter top, clothes strewn on the floor of the bathroom, or books and papers on various surfaces, simply mean that the professional cleaners will end up having to put away things before they can get around to cleaning. Moreover, when the cleaners put away things, you might no longer be able to find them easily.

Instead, quickly go through your home before the cleaners are due to arrive and put away things in their right places. While cleaners are expected to and will move a few items to clean, they might not have the time to deal with large piles of clutter. This will mean that they will end up having to clean around the clutter, leaving parts of your home dirty.

Put Away Fragile or Expensive Items

While most professional cleaners are trustworthy and reliable, you still need to put away expensive and fragile items. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that precious heirlooms and expensive items will not be damaged inadvertently.


Another important step to maximizing the benefits of a professional cleaning service is by accurate communication. When negotiating the service, make sure that you specify exactly what you want done – which rooms are to be cleaned, what items are to be cleaned, and so on. If some items need to be cleaned using specific products, or you want the cleaners to use organic cleaning agents be sure to specify this when negotiating the service. This leaves no room for misunderstanding and enables you to avoid unpleasant surprises.


If you have pets at home, you need to make proper provision for them when the professional cleaners are around. While aggressive pets should be kept away from the cleaners, even friendly ones should be moved from the vicinity. This will free the cleaners to work on their tasks without having to worry about being attacked by an aggressive guard dog or injuring a friendly puppy that keeps getting underfoot as they go about their work.


When you fix a professional cleaning service to come and clean your apartment or home, be clear on the schedule and arrival time. Once you have ascertained this, make sure you are at home to let them in when they arrive. Making the professional cleaners wait outside while you complete your errands will leave them with less time to complete the cleaning while you still have to pay for their time.

By planning, preparing, and communicating your requirements to the professional cleaners before they arrive, you will be able to ensure that your home is cleaned as per your requirements without unnecessary costs. The key to this is to communicate your requirements clearly in writing.

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