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Get ready for a party within minutes quick clean your room

June 10, 2015

You just got a call from your friends that they’ll be home tonight! While you love entertaining guests, a sudden call from them keeps you wondering from where you should start the party preparation tasks? Here’s a list of quick cleaning steps to follow! With that done, you get enough time to prepare for the other essentials.

  • Even if there’s no time for deep cleaning, you can still keep your carpet odour free and fresh. Make sure to dust it using baking soda, wait for about 15 minutes and then vacuum the powder.
  • Get your garbage can cleaned while your busy preparing dinner! Sounds strange? Well, you can actually do it! While you are slicing lemons for your secret salad, keep aside half a slice. Next, toss a couple of rinds through the can and bid adieu to offensive smells.
  • Prepare a mix of vinegar and water in a ratio of 3:1 and let it boil for a few minutes. Now, pour it into a spray bottle and use it for freshening up your kitchen.
  • After you are done with the washing and cleaning stuffs, you can next focus on your pet’s hair. Put on our gloves and wipe off the lingering fuzz that you find around.
  • Never forget to clean your toilet as guests will definite drop in there! Make sure to brush with a cleaner or bleach before your doorbell rings.

Your quick cleaning efforts will not go wasted. Try them out and your guests are sure to fall for your clean home.

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