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Free Fun Activities for Kids

September 30, 2020
Fun activities for kids in Singapore 2020

Wondering where to take or what activities to do with kids this weekend? Since Children’s Day falls on October 2 (Friday), we have curated some of the FREE fun activities, both outdoors and stay-at home, for kids. Rest assured there’s a whole lot of fun to be found even during the times of pandemic.

Fun Activities For Kids

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay

Image Source: Gardens by the Bay Facebook Page

Amidst the pandemic, there is no better way to bring hope and laughter to the lives of our community than by celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival. Eating mooncakes and making lanterns are the highlight of the moon festival. Head to Gardens by the Bay illuminated by six lantern sets embracing the spirit of Mid-Autumn festival: of reunion and unity in the community. Also, watch out for the Apricot Grove which features apricot flowers in various stages of blooming. This featured lantern set is a tribute to the healthcare workers who have been fighting the coronavirus pandemic.
Details: 18 Sep - 14 Oct 2020, 7pm - 10pm, Free, Website

Participate in Virtual Interactive Moonfest Lantern Walk within Esplanade

Image Source: Unsplash

If you are more comfortable staying indoors, join the first-ever virtual interactive Moonfest Lantern Walk to stroll along the Esplanade Waterfront and enjoy the breathtaking views of the scenic nightscape. The tour brings you through various venues in Esplanade with games and performance snippets prepared to add excitement to the activity. In addition, there will be fireworks at the end of the tour. This guided tour is conducted in English. Immerse yourself in an exciting experience while staying at the comfort of your home!
Details: Available online until 25 Oct, Fri - Sun, Free, Website

Watch ArtScience on Screen: Earth Watch at ArtsScience Museum

Image Source: Visit Singapore Website

ArtScience Museum has reopened albeit with plenty of safety precautions in place for the well-being of visitors. The museum offers a series of films for kids that showcases humanity’s troubling relationship with planet Earth. As we battle environmental changes along with the pandemic, these films are sure to educate the kids about their relationship with the beautiful planet they are born into and what the future holds in store. Moreover, ArtsScience Museum curators claim the series features a diverse cinematic mix of Ghibli-esque tales, surrealist documentaries and cult sci-fi goodness to enthrall the audience.
Details: 12 Sep - 9 Oct 2020,  Pre-book seats online, Free, Website

Join Football classes at Singapore Lions Soccer School

Image Source: Singapore Lions Soccer School Facebook Page

Singapore Lions Soccer School offers weekend football classes to children aged 2-14 years. They have a mix of indoors and outdoors classes designed for different age groups. With three different coaching styles - guided discovery, democratic, and laissez faire - there is something for everyone; to have fun while discovering their love for football and also learn life lessons imparted through these sessions. Certified coaches in the school conduct classes with an aim to encourage participation, enrichment and enjoyment of the sport. Book a free trial for your kids and unleash their potential.
Details: Saturdays from 4pm, Free, Website

Visit Biodiverse Edible Garden at Jurong Central Park

Image Source: Foodscape Collective Website

Would you like to raise a kid who loves the Earth? Archifest 2020 has some fun activities for kids. They give you a chance to take your kids to learn regenerative ways to grow food, grow the health of the soil, increase biodiversity, use food waste and garden trimmings to create compost, tackle climate change and protect the environment for future generations. Hosted by Foodscape Collective, these sharing sessions show how they work with local residents in piloting ideas to create a biodiverse edible garden. The 30-minute tour will introduce you to various types of plants as well as knowledge, insights and the community that has evolved in the process of developing and nurturing the garden space.
Details: Tuesdays & Saturdays, from 10:30am, Free, Website

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