Five Reasons to Hire Laundry Service in Singapore

April 7, 2020
Five reasons to hire laundry service in Singapore

Why should you hire laundry service in Singapore?

Whether your glass is half full or half empty, if you take a quick look around your living space, you will find your laundry basket always full. No matter how optimistic you are, laundry piled up high is a nightmare for most of us. Even if you are diligent enough to plan doing laundry while juggling other important tasks in life, we would say it is prudent enough to hire professional laundry service for reasons below:

Professional care

How often have you been perplexed by the labels on your linen with washing instructions? Every piece of cloth requires different care and wash. Now, that's a daunting task; so what do you do? Dump all of them together into the washing machine for a quick spin? You can perhaps imagine how your clothes wear off so easily. Your clothes not only require proper care but also professional care. Professional and best laundry service providers use good and recommended washing techniques so that your clothes last for many years. They follow the washing instructions without fail. Sustainable fashion activists also rally behind professional laundry care services because fast fashion has proven harmful to our environment.

Fast service

Times have changed; technology fosters more conveniences, today. You no longer need to walk down the alley to the nearest laundromat to deliver and wait to pick up your laundry 10 days later. Laundry app, Sendhelper offers hassle-free booking of dry cleaning and other laundry services in Singapore. We are only a few taps on the phone away from your doorstep. Not only do we deliver and pick-up for free, we also guarantee quick turnaround so you need not wait for weeks on end to wear fresh clothes. You can even get your laundry done on the same day! Just let us know your requirements.

Eco-friendly treatment

We are living in times of climate change and green movement. Harsh chemicals and detergents not only reduces the longevity of your clothes but also lead to water pollution, thus threatening survival of marine life. Such chemicals may also cause rashes and other allergies on your skin. At Sendhelper, we use eco-friendly detergents and solutions for responsible laundry care.

Saves time

Now that you are working from home given the current coronavirus outbreak in the country, you may find time to do laundry yourself. But you can use that extra time to sign up for an online course to upgrade your skills, spend time with your partner and kids or pick up a new exercise regime to stay fit; the options are endless. What is important is doing things you enjoy the most by saving time while leaving household chores like laundry to the experts in Singapore.

Expert advice

When you hire experts you not only get professional laundry service but also advice on how to take care of your clothes, mattresses, curtains, carpets etc. You may not always know how to remove stains of your linen, or whether to dry-clean or choose load wash. DIY methods on YouTube are handy but they may prove costly as well. It's best to pick up your phone and get professional help. As the old adage goes, if in doubt, ask; if not in doubt, also ask. You can reach out to us with your questions for expert advice on laundry care.

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