Feng Shui Home Decor Tips: What to Keep at Home for Good Fortune

February 3, 2022
Feng Shui Home Decor Tips

The Chinese New Year 2022, also known as Spring Festival, is celebrated over 15 days from the 1st of February by billions of people all over the world. Celebrating the year of the tiger is a big thing for Asians around the world. Chinese people take part in several cultural activities that carry century-old traditions to welcome the new year in prosperity. The Lunar New Year marks the beginning of spring too and hence the goal of these celebrations is to welcome more luck, prosperity and good fortune to everyone, even though the traditions vary a bit regionally. Chinese families also make Feng Shui home decor a vital part while celebrating the Lunar New Year to welcome it more positively for everyone.

They believe that rearranging furniture and things at home and keeping Feng Shui approved items bring more luck to life. Here are some of the Feng Shui home decor tips to welcome the Lunar New Year in all its glory.

Feng Shui Home Decor Tips

Keeping Tiger Symbols

The lunar calendar has twelve propitious animals that represent the Chinese zodiacs. 2022 is the year of the tiger, an animal that is so fierce and strong. People have the belief that this year will be a prosperous one with great goals and ambitions to work on. Hang anything marked with a tiger as it symbolizes good luck. 

Decorate your home with couplets and red scrolls to dispel evil spirits from entering the home. Also, hang paper cuttings as they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year.

Keeping Oranges at Home for Prosperity 

Oranges symbolise good health, prosperity, and luck in homes for the Chinese New Year. We can buy and keep oranges in a basket, give them to our hosts, and offer them to our ancestors at temples. Keeping orange-scented diffusers in living rooms and bedrooms helps to fill our homes with a fresh scent to the freshly cleaned space. We can also keep an even number of scented sticks (except 4) in the belief that it will bring good luck to the family. 

Wearing New Clothes for a New Start

Going shopping is a mandatory activity in any family before the Lunar Year commences. Buying and wearing new clothes (for the wardrobe too) on Chinese New Year day for everyone in the family including yourself is regarded as a promising fresh start for the lunar new year. Let this tradition continue in your family even when kids grow up. Wearing red is considered lucky by Chinese people, and they believe that red brings prosperity for the coming year. So look for outfits in red for this special occasion. 

Keeping Red Things at Home

According to Chinese beliefs, red is an auspicious colour, and it symbolises life and prosperity. Keeping things in red at home during the welcoming of Chinese New Year is considered lucky. Legends say that the Lunar New Year beast, Nian, is afraid of red colour, so decorating our homes in red colour will stop him from entering our homes. The red colour is also a symbol of joy, so getting ourselves dressed in the same colour can bring more positivity during the festive season. 

Keeping Round Items 

Round items symbolise wholesomeness and abundance in life as per Chinese beliefs. Keeping things in a circular shape brings good luck to homes as per Feng Shui. Put the fruits you buy or receive as a Chinese new year gift from your guests in a red round fruit bowl to welcome extra luck on this Chinese New Year. 

Keeping Things in Gold Colour

Red is considered a lucky colour during the Chinese New Year celebrations, and so is the colour gold. Two of these colours symbolise prosperity and good fortune. Collecting envelopes with a red and gold colour with or without money by children is a propitious activity. Things of gold colour in the living room such as pillows and jars bring more positive energy into the space. 

Keeping Hot Pot for Unity

The grand feast starts on the Lunar New Year evening with family and friends. People gather around a big table as midnight approaches. Hot pot is a dish of most importance and comes in a cauldron similar to a fondue. The importance of a hot pot is given to its number of ingredients. The meal represents togetherness among our family and friends. Hence, hot pot has become an unavoidable part of Chinese New Year dinner. 

The above Feng Shui home decor tips are believed to bring prosperity and good fortune to your home and family.

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