Feel More at Home in Your Humble Abodes!

December 2, 2018

ll of us have a strong need to feel safe and secure. Naturally, we look for characteristics of our environments which makes us safe. Psychological and physical comfort are 2 most important attributes which differentiates a home from a house for us. When we feel stressed from work or school, coming home to an inviting and cosy home feels very comforting! Here are ways to increase the homeliness of our homes!

Ensure cleanliness of the environment

Looks are very deceiving – our table tops and surfaces might look clean but a swipe of a finger would reveal some amount of dust. Due to our busy schedules, we often leave cleaning our homes to the weekends or sometimes postpone it till much later when our houses look dirty. When our homes look dirty, our bodies would already have been affected adversely. Home maintenance is important as a dusty environment can cause allergic reactions such as allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis flare ups. Thus for the sake of our health, it is important to consistently wipe our floors and tables every 1-2 days to prevent the build-up of dust in our homes because we are happier when we are healthier. You can always book cleaning services in Singapore with ease on Sendhelper as well as per your needs.

Have house plants

Having plants in the houses can break the monotony of the environment. Plants take in the carbon dioxide from our respiratory processes and convert it to oxygen, freshening the air quality at home. Green, the colour of leaves, is found to be a soothing colour which helps to relieve anxieties in people. Additionally, having plants at home can be a low cost alternative to having a pet while providing similar benefits as rearing a pet will. Also, how our plants grow at home may also reflect the home gets enough sunlight or appropriate amounts of light. If regular watering of the plant has happened but the plant is not as green as it should be can be a signal that something in your home environment should be improved.


Looking to diet and lose weight? It is better for you to eat in brightly lit places as it influences you to eat slower and chew better. While it is common knowledge that poor lighting can cause eye damage, most do not know how much the lighting of our environments affect us. The light intensity in our houses is usually consistent through different rooms. However, this is not conducive as different rooms have different energy levels. For example, your living room is where the family gathers to do things together and the energy levels of the living room is higher than the rest of the house. Hence, it is better to have more intense lighting in the living room. On the other hand, too much light will affect our circadian cycles and consequently our sleep. As such, it is better to have dimmer lighting in our bedrooms.

If you have yet to alter your lighting at home, you can engage handyman electrician services and get well-trained electricians to help you install new lights at home. Available on iOS App Store and Android Play Store, Sendhelper is a platform which you can book electrician handyman services in Singapore for different needs such as home repair and electrician services to help you with the installation of different lights.

Play with colours and texture

According to design psychology, textures can signal a welcoming home. We feel more comfortable in wider spaces which has soft textures like flannel. Natural textures which are soft also makes us feel more cosy at home. Additionally, it is better to have soft cushioned seats at home - research has found that sitting on softer surfaces makes us more inclined to listen and communicate peacefully with people around us.

It was also shown that colours can affect our moods. Vibrant and vivid colours increases our energy levels whereas softer pastel tones are calms us down. It is also important to note that how we react to colours is also highly related to our personal experiences. For example, if we grew up disliking the pink paracetamol syrup we had to take when we were sick, seeing the same shade of pink is likely to cause us high levels of discomfort. If you wish to repaint your home or add another coating to give your home a fresher look, you can always look for wall painting services in Singapore on Sendhelper app.

There are many ways in which a calm and comfortable environment can be created. It is important to note our family’s reactions to colours, patters, textures, lighting and shapes when customising our homes. When the needs of each member is met, everyone will feel at home.