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Astonishing Facts About Singapore That Might Surprise You

March 23, 2021
Astonishing Facts about Singapore

Singapore is a city-state that offers breathtaking experiences to people who visit it, and it is different from all Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. What differentiates this place is that it is a small spot of land with amazing ideas, making it a land of global scale. It is also very similar to many American cities like New York. Read on to know some astonishing facts about Singapore.

1. Constructing tall buildings is banned in Singapore

The construction of buildings of heights more than two hundred and eighty meters is prohibited in Singapore although there are sixty-four skyscrapers in the city-state right now. The reason for it is that Singapore is a really small country, and the military base Paya Lebar Air Base is located close to the central business district. In addition to that, the government also considers the possible trouble such tall buildings might cause to planes. 

2. World’s First Night Zoo is located in Singapore

This open-concept night zoo named Night Safari is a treat to visitors from different parts of the world. It is home to more than 130 species of animals; the zoo offers a natural habitat to them without any barriers. The main attraction of the zoo is that you will get to see leopards forage in the dark after dusk. You will get a good chance to experience a tram ride for fifty minutes - you can also get to see the zoo in detail and can watch the majestic lions and rhinos of the zoo. In addition to all these, getting off the tram will help you explore the four walking trails that will take you close to see dangling bats, flying squirrels, and even leopards. 

3. Time Zones of Singapore were Changed Six Times

During earlier days, Singapore was seven hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from 1905 to 1932. It was then moved twenty minutes forward during the year 1933, and further ten minutes during 1941. The time in Singapore has moved an hour and thirty minutes ahead to sync with Japan's time during World War II. But when World War ended, the time was reverted to sync with Malaysia’s during the year 1982. 

4. The First Botanic Gardens was at Fort Canning

The garden with flora was opened at Fort Canning Hill in the year 1822, but it got closed after seven years. The garden was opened again and given access to the public in 1836, but it was left abandoned in 1846. Eventually, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, as familiar to most of us, was founded in 1859 at Bukit Timah. The garden was identified and celebrated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

5. Singapore was Once Disappeared from the Map

During a time in the past, the island city was wiped out from the map. Singapore was a place that transformed into an important trading port for traders. The Portuguese pirates burned down the city in 1613, leaving it obsolete for the next hundred years and more until migrants from different parts of the world began to set camps. Later, Sir Stamford Raffles established a British trading post that helped in spreading the word about Singapore. 

6. Singapore has Sixty Four Offshore Islands

You are wrong if you think that you can count the islands of Singapore with your fingers. Among many interesting facts about Singapore, another one is that it is surrounded by many mini islands - up to sixty-four offshores. They include Sentosa, Semakau, Kuku Island, Pulau Island, and St. John’s island. Some of Singapore’s offshore islands welcome people to explore the grounds, while some are off-limits. 

7. Singapore has On-demand Home Cleaning Service

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Let us know in comments if you know more fascinating facts about Singapore!

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