Elderly Care Tools to Help You Care for Your Aged Loved Ones Better!

November 1, 2018

Singapore’s population is greying at an increasing rate. Straits Times reported that the proportion of citizens aged 65 and older have grown to 14.4% in 2017 from 9.4% in 2007. Amidst the bustle of our busy lives, elderly care can be a challenging issue. However, technological advances and changes in the social dynamics in Singapore have produced different programs and services with helping the elderly in mind. Here are some of the services and apps targeted at different aspects of senior care:

Helper care

Most of us in Singapore work full time. This means that we are unable to take care of our aged loved ones while we are at work. Furthermore, sending our loved ones to a home weighs heavy on our conscience – we can’t see our loved ones as often as we wish to. Sendhelper provides elderly home care services at the convenience of the tap of a phone. Available on iOS App Store and Android Play Store, you can request for elderly home care and elderly day care services with a certified and trained caregiver at an affordable rate and your own convenience.

Catered transport

Public transport and private vehicles for hire usually do not have the infrastructure to store wheelchair and walking sticks. Also, the boots of cars are usually not big enough to If your elderly loved one require transport to health care facilities, AICare Link by the Singapore government provides transport services for your elderly.

Walking Aids

One of the problems linked with old age and health issues is the lack of energy. Sometimes, even lifting the walking aid poses as a challenge. GlydeSafe is a walking aid structured on wheels, allowing its users to glide the walking aid forward instead of lifting the walking aid.


With age comes a plethora of health issues. Health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes meant that seniors have to monitor their food intake very carefully to prevent complications. GlycoLeap app, an app where users can take photos of their food and upload on the app allows for dieticians to rate the meal. The in depth assessment of the meal’s nutritional content by the dietitian means that you can work at ease while you’re at work without having to worry about your parents’ diets.

As Singapore’s society ages at an increasing rate, there will be more devices and services provided to help caregivers adapt to the changes in their lives. The aforementioned list is definitely non-exhaustive. We believe that loving and taking care of our aged loved ones can be an enjoyable process. When we enjoy ourselves in the process of caring for our loved ones, they can feel it and their spirits will be uplifted. By maintaining a positive environment for our loved ones and ourselves, we can help them enjoy the last periods of their lives .

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