8 Common Laundry Mistakes You Might Not Know You Are Making

July 14, 2016

Many of us routinely do laundry without giving it a thought. After all it is not rocket science- put in clothes into the washing machine, add some detergent and switch it on.

But you could actually be making mistakes that lessen the efficacy of the machine, reduce its life and damage the clothes.  You of course always have the choice to instead hand over the responsibility of your laundry to home laundry company in Singapore who will handle it with every care it deserves.

Here are some of the common laundry mistakes and see if you make any of them:

Using too much detergent

Many think adding an extra spoon of detergent will make clothes cleaner. Not so. In fact it will lead to sedimentation that can build up and irritate your skin. So follow the instructions given

Overlooking care instructions.

With careful handling clothes look better and stay better, and this is why you should follow the care instructions provided. Alternatively you could give segregate and hand over delicate items to dry cleaning services Singapore to ensure proper cleaning

Not cleaning your dryer

When the dryer is not cleaned regularly, it takes longer to dry a load due to the lint and conditioner build up in the duct. More importantly it can become a fire hazard, so remove the vent and clean it at regular intervals

Overusing bleach

Bleach is very useful for cleaning tough stains or clothing that’s been soiled. But don’t add bleach to every wash since unnecessary use can harm clothes

Overfilling the machine

Going overcapacity while washing happens when you want to maximise a laundry load. But this can reduce the cleaning efficiency. Make sure that you do laundry on a regular basis to avoid overloading. If you keep forgetting you can always use laundry services Singapore to ensure you aren’t inconvenienced

Drying too long.

Pay attention to drying instructions given in your clothes including the time needed and setting to avoid drying them for too long.

Leaving zippers, hooks, and Velcro closures undone

Do up your zippers and hooks before putting them into the machine to avoid damage to other clothes that are being washed with it.

Skipping a wash

A temptation many of us have is to decide that a shirt or sweater doesn’t need washing since it doesn’t feel or look dirty. But this is a bad idea – our clothes absorb a lot of dust and dirt from the environment and also a whole lot of secretions from our body . So put it to wash even if you don’t think it needs it!

While these mistakes are easily avoidable it still doesn’t take away the pain of doing the chore. If you’d rather spend time on other things of interest to you, why don’t you get a singapore laundry services to do your laundry. The no-fuss service is a great option especially when you have tough cleaning tasks like curtain cleaning singapore.

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