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August 4, 2019

Your most expensive dress you wore to the party last night was stained by spilled red wine. The fabric is so sensitive to washing with water but the stain has to be removed. Here, dry cleaning is your best bet to make the dress look anew and there are numerous service providers in Singapore specialised in it.

sendhelper app connects you to pre-screened professionals providing dry cleaning services, be it in Tampines or Jurong East, instantly.

Advantages of dry cleaning

Water is not effective to remover certain stubborn stains. It is also risky to use unknown chemicals at home to remove it. To be safe and keep your clothes from fading or spoiled, dry cleaning is required. Professionals know how to do it.

Dry cleaning preserves the quality of clothes keeping it fresh and new every time you wear. It prevents mould and fungal growth even in wet weather. Eventually it extends the shelf life of your clothes and you spend less money on buying new ones

Looking for dry cleaning service in Singapore?

Save yourself from prying around the neighbourhood or picking up the phone to call friends to find a reliable dry cleaning company who will handle your garments with utmost care. We, at sendhelper, have built a network of trusted laundry service providers who are specialised in dry cleaning.

You will also be pleasantly surprised to know that dry cleaning is relatively cheap as opposed to the common misconception among the people. You will be connected to professional laundry service providers at competitive prices.

In order to find a laundry company nearest to you, simply download the app and schedule a collection day and time. We will immediately match you with an available service provider ready to pick-up the items. You can entrust them with your dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, blankets or curtains for dry cleaning

Free pick-up and delivery

All our service providers offer free pick-up and delivery of laundry island-wide. Our app is smart enough to notify the right service provider available to collect the items from your doorsteps at your preferred time. We have developed the technology to add convenience to your life rather than you having to wait for a service provider’s convenience for collection.

Economical. Express Delivery Available

We understand that you need the laundry returned as fast as possible. Our usual turn around time is 5 days. You may also opt for express delivery at an additional but reasonable price.

Dry cleaning is not an expensive affair as long as you find the right laundry service company and when you choose to use Sendhelper, you can rest assured that the service will be rendered efficiently and responsibly providing value for every dollar spent.

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